A large Trump/Pence sign mounted above other signs in north Phoenix.
Sen. Steve Kaiser (R-Phoenix) has introduced legislation that could make him a hero of Arizona motorists. He wants to ban political signs from public rights of way.
Q&AZ: What are the rules about roadside campaign signs?
Jan. 22, 2023
A vote center in north Phoenix
Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer has some ideas to make the voting process more pleasant for all, he says — election workers, county staff and the voters demanding results in a timely fashion. But there's a natural give and take. If voters want to get election results earlier, they'd have to be willing to give up some voting options so many now enjoy, Richer says.
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Jan. 19, 2023
Mark Finchem
Mark Finchem is sending out requests to pay off the debt from his failed attempt to become Arizona secretary of state last year. Except that debt doesn’t exist in his campaign finance records.
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Jan. 19, 2023
Mail In Ballot
The state Court of Appeals has ruled that mail-in voting is legal and doesn’t violate Arizona’s constitution. The unanimous decision upheld the ruling from a Mohave County Superior Court judge.
Jan. 17, 2023
putting a ballot in a mailbox
A Republican state lawmaker who also wants to overturn the 2022 election results is continuing the push to outlaw voting by mail.
Jan. 17, 2023
Arizona Coyotes Tempe arena development rendering
A proposed Arizona Coyotes’ hockey arena and entertainment district in northwest Tempe will be decided by voters in a special election in May. Before then, any individual or organization can make arguments for or against the project.
Jan. 13, 2023
Tony Cani and Christine Jones
Former Arizona gubernatorial candidate Christine Jones and Democratic strategist Tony Cani joined The Show to talk about Gov. Katie Hobbs’ State of the State address and lawmakers’ reaction to it, Maricopa County bringing in a former state Supreme Court justice to look into Election Day printer problems and more.
Jan. 13, 2023
Stephen Richer
The proposals range from closing early voting days sooner, reforming campaign finance laws, and making the county recorder a nonpartisan position.
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Jan. 12, 2023
Kari Lake
Kari Lake continues to deny she lost the election for Arizona governor. Appearing on Fox News Sunday, Lake claimed that 75% of people at polling stations on Election Day were voting for her.
Jan. 10, 2023
Katie Hobbs
In one of her first executive actions, Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs is tackling the transparency and safety around elections.
Jan. 9, 2023
Tom Horne gives a speech during the inauguration ceremony at the Arizona Capitol on Jan. 5, 2023.
Republican Tom Horne was the first of several newly elected officials to take the oath of office during Thursday’s inauguration ceremony at the state Capitol. During his speech, he said, “We need a return to traditional discipline in our schools.”
Jan. 6, 2023
An elections worker runs ballots through vote-counting machines
Former state Supreme Court Chief Justice Ruth McGregor will lead an independent investigation into printer problems at some polling locations in Maricopa County on Election Day.
Jan. 6, 2023
Raúl Grijalva
Republicans won back a narrow majority in the U.S. House in November, but they’ve been unable to unite this week to elect a House Speaker. Arizona Congressman Raúl Grijalva has been watching the infighting from the other side of the aisle.
Jan. 6, 2023
Kari Lake
On Jan. 24, the state Court of Appeals will decide whether to expedite a bid by Kari Lake to overturn the results of the gubernatorial election she lost.
Jan. 5, 2023
Abraham Hamadeh
Most of the dust has settled from the Arizona 2022 midterms. But attorneys for Abe Hamadeh, the losing Republican candidate for attorney general, have asked a Mohave County judge to revive his lawsuit challenging the results that gave Democrat Kris Mayes the win.
Jan. 4, 2023
Kris Mayes and Abraham Hamadeh
The vote counting is over and the lawsuits over the results are mostly over with. But there are some outstanding questions about what happened in one county after a recount was completed there.
Jan. 4, 2023
The GOP on Tuesday did not officially take political control of the U.S. House as enough dissenters from their caucus did not vote to elect California Republican Kevin McCarthy as the next Speaker.
Jan. 3, 2023
Adrian Fontes
The recount for the Arizona attorney general race saw a notable decrease in the margin of votes between Republican Abe Hamadeh and Democrat Kris Mayes. While the updated result still showed Mayes as the winner, Pinal County faced criticism for having an undercount of more than 500 votes.
Dec. 31, 2022
U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit building
Losing Republican candidates Kari Lake and Mark Finchem are still attempting to outlaw the use of machines to tabulate votes in Arizona.
Dec. 29, 2022
Kari Lake at the Republican Party of Arizona watch party
Kari Lake may have lost her legal bid to set aside the results of the governor's race, but she and her attorneys won't be forced to pay the legal fees of those she sued.
Dec. 27, 2022


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