stingray bay
Environmental officials say leaders in a Sonoran coastal town could face criminal charges after removing the spines from stingrays to protect beachgoers.
Apr. 13, 2023
gavel in a courtroom
Another judge has adopted a U.S. appellate court’s stricter interpretation of a century-and-a-half-old mining law in a new ruling that blocks a metals mine in Nevada. And it could have ramifications for a huge lithium mine near the Nevada-Oregon line and other future mines across the West.
Apr. 13, 2023
electric meter
As temperatures climb in the Valley, so do electric bills. But two of the state’s major utilities, Arizona Public Service and Salt River Project, say you can do a lot to keep them down.
Apr. 12, 2023
san pedro river
Congress created the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area in 1988 to protect a scenic area of southern Arizona. But a new study by the Center for Biological Diversity says the river still needs protection.
Apr. 11, 2023
A southewestern willow flycatcher.
The Center for Biological Diversity and Maricopa Audubon say they intend to sue the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Bureau of Land Management over grazing near the Gila River in eastern Arizona.
Apr. 10, 2023
wood that has been infested by bark beetles
Pine beetles destroyed forests in the Sierra Nevada in just a few years, and researchers say they may never return to pre-drought levels.
Apr. 10, 2023
Woman with cold
Many Valley residents are sneezing and sniffing as springtime allergies head into overdrive. Winter rains and blowing dust are largely to blame.
Apr. 10, 2023
Phoenix weather will become even hotter coming out of the weekend. The National Weather Service forecasts high temperatures in the upper 90s on Monday and possibly reaching 100 degrees for the first time this year by Tuesday.
Apr. 9, 2023
Canyon Creek fish hatchery
The discovery of invasive New Zealand mudsnails has forced the shut down of Canyon Creek fish hatchery.
Apr. 8, 2023
Grand Canyon National Park North Rim
The North Rim, which closes in October and typically reopens in May, is now scheduled to reopen June 2, with the campground opening on June 9.
Apr. 7, 2023
Preparing for an influx of tourists during Semana Santa — or Holy Week — a coastal Sonoran town removed the spines from hundreds of stingrays on its beaches.
Apr. 6, 2023
A polar bear with her young
PFAS are a concerning group of substances known as forever chemicals, because they don’t break down naturally. And a research group has now found that PFAS are present in more than 330 wildlife species around the world.
Apr. 6, 2023
Raúl Grijalva
In a letter to Republican Congressman Bruce Westerman of Arkansas this week, Arizona Congressman Raúl Grijalva says he wants a committee hearing on a piece of legislation that would prohibit mining at Oak Flat.
Apr. 6, 2023
The Biden administration recently directed the Bureau of Land Management to elevate recreation and conservation to the same level as other land uses, such as mining or grazing.
Apr. 4, 2023
Resembling massive mosquitoes, crane flies are fluttering about in the Valley. But they aren’t bloodsuckers.
Apr. 4, 2023
bee on flower
Conservationists have battled for years with the Environmental Protection Agency over lax regulation of a pesticide that is highly toxic to bees. A number of agricultural states have sued the EPA over the use of sulfoxaflor, which is toxic to bees and other pollinators.
Apr. 3, 2023
Lukachukai Mountains
The Environmental Protection Agency is proposing to add a former uranium mining area on the Navajo Nation to the Superfund National Priorities List.
Apr. 3, 2023
Bureau of Land Management sign
The Bureau of Land Management has announced a comment period for a proposed rule that would set preservation on equal footing with other uses.
Apr. 3, 2023
An aerial view of Phoenix
Residents across the state may need to brace for some upcoming windy weather. A storm system is expected to move into Arizona on Monday and then sweep across the Four Corners area by Tuesday.
Apr. 2, 2023
Lake Pleasant
Authorities are warning boaters who use Lake Pleasant to beware of unseen debris in the water. Sgt. Joaquin Enriquez with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office said recent storms have washed scrub brush and even tree trunks into the lake.
Apr. 1, 2023


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