summer cactus
The National Weather Service has issued an excessive heat warning for Saturday and Sunday in three counties: Maricopa, Pinal and Coconino in areas below 4,000 feet.
Jul. 16, 2022
Flagstaff residents fill pickup trucks with sandbags
Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey is accommodating a request from Coconino County to send members of the Arizona National Guard to assist with flash flood relief. The county put in a formal request Friday for 60 National Guard members.
Jul. 16, 2022
a cactus against a sunset
Parts of the Sonoran Desert National Monument are set to close in mid-August so crews can start building the first of three planned recreation areas.
Jul. 15, 2022
monsoon rain
Parts of Maricopa County could see isolated showers through at least Friday. National Weather Service meteorologist Sean Benedict said a monsoon pattern that caused flooding and damage in the southeast Valley on Wednesday remains active.
Jul. 14, 2022
Phoenix pollution
Taken separately, heat and pollution can be deadly and cause severe health problems. But the combination is even worse.
Jul. 14, 2022
tucson's skyline from the Tucson Mountain Park
The meeting comes a few weeks after the Environmental Protection Agency tightened restrictions on groundwater contaminants and the Bureau of Reclamation said states including Arizona would need to preserve more Colorado River water.
Jul. 13, 2022
Tonto National Forest
Tonto National Forest is updating its land management plan for the first time in decades. The last time the forest had a new management plan was 1985.
Jul. 13, 2022
A coalition of nonprofit organizations has issued a report that challenges Forest Service timber harvesting practices.
Jul. 13, 2022
Mexican wolf
A Coalition of environmental groups filed a lawsuit Tuesday against the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service over its management of Mexican gray wolf recovery efforts.
Jul. 12, 2022
Flagstaff residents fill pickup trucks with sandbags
Residents in northern Arizona will hear from county officials and engineers Thursday night about the new dangers they face from flooding after two major wildfires this year northeast of Flagstaff.
Jul. 12, 2022
Grand Canyon National Park
A monsoon storm recently knocked out power and disrupted water delivery at the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park, but power has been restored and water conservation measures have been lifted.
Jul. 11, 2022
concrete blocks
Mexico is set to begin placing concrete blocks around a protected area in the uppermost part of the Gulf of California. It’s part of an effort to keep fishing nets out of the habitat of the critically endangered vaquita marina porpoise.
Jul. 6, 2022
Raúl Grijalva
Arizona Congressman Raúl Grijalva is the latest recipient of the Wilderness Society’s Ansel Adams award.
Jul. 5, 2022
desert tortoise
The Arizona Game and Fish Department has about 200 desert tortoises available for adoption. These tortoises have been surrendered to the department, some confiscated from illegal breeders, and cannot be returned to the wild.
Jul. 2, 2022
Rio Sonora Valley
This August will mark eight years since a spill at a copper mine in Sonora sent millions of gallons of toxic waste into the Rio Sonora. But residents say they are just beginning to see progress in addressing the damage.
Jul. 1, 2022
A change in policy by the Biden administration to give tribal voices more of a seat at the table has led to a controversy about proposed changes at Arizona Snowbowl in Flagstaff.
Jul. 1, 2022
The Arizona State Parks department is updating its reservation system for its nearly 3 million annual visitors.
Jun. 30, 2022
Grand Canyon North Rim
A monsoon storm has disrupted water delivery at the Grand Canyon, forcing the National Park to take emergency conservation measures.
Jun. 28, 2022
Oak Flat
The San Carlos Apache tribe has issued a statement following last week’s rejection of a challenge to the Resolution Copper mine located about 60 miles east of Phoenix in Tonto National Forest.
Jun. 28, 2022
Tempe Town Lake
Tempe residents are being asked to help set future priorities for the city through an online survey open through July 1.
Jun. 28, 2022


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