Woman standing behind barrel table in brewery
Experts say that for thousands of years, women were at the forefront of producing the world’s beer. In history’s eyes, brewing is only recently male-dominated. Now, an Arizona-based nonprofit has one goal: to help women reclaim their place.
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Jan. 23, 2024
Sarah Bahnson
Educating long-term care staff about how to care for and support older LGBTQ residents can be lifesaving. It’s one reason why the Pima Council on Aging in Southern Arizona has updated its training program.
Jan. 22, 2024
Barbra Seville
In The Show's latest edition of Deep Dive, we sat down with Richard Stevens, a longtime Arizona drag queen, to learn more about his story, and why he has always found himself performing — even as a kid.
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Jan. 17, 2024
Phoenix Pride 2018
The Show sat down with reporter Joseph Darius Jaafari in our studios to talk about the biggest trends he saw here this year, beginning with one of the most important — and most problematic — ones to emerge: A rise in hate crimes against LGBTQ+ people.
Dec. 28, 2023
Earlier this month, two members of Arizona’s Congressional delegation co-sponsored a bipartisan bill to evaluate menopausal studies and support additional research.
Dec. 21, 2023
prison cell
The number of older incarcerated women is on the rise, according to a study by the National Institutes of Health. And with that comes health care needs, including menopause support.
Dec. 18, 2023
Kim Etiquette
Last year, The Show series Exit Interview featured a series of conversations with people who had made their mark on Phoenix — and then left. They hit a ceiling or needed to grow. A new series called Staying Power looks at people who have made Arizona their home — like Brad DeBiase, who is also known as Kim Etiquette.
Dec. 14, 2023
Pap smear
Racial and ethnic underrepresentation remains widespread in clinical studies. Now, a new paper take a fresh look at how the problem affects research into gynecologic cancers, which affect more than 25,000 Arizonans.
Dec. 8, 2023
Newborn baby girl sleeping in a maternity ward at a hospital
Maternity programs at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix and TMC Healthcare in Tucson were both ranked “high performing" in an analysis by U.S. News and World Report.
Dec. 5, 2023
Amanda Mollindo’s “Sex and Sovereignty” photography exhibition at Eye Lounge in downtown Phoenix
The Show spoke with artist and photographer Amanda Mollindo about her latest project on sex and sovereignty. The extensive exhibition now showing at Eye Lounge in downtown Phoenix.
Dec. 4, 2023
birth certificates
While Arizona allows gender amendments on birth certificates, it requires proof of gender reassignment surgery, a chromosomal count pointing towards a different sex or a court order.
Nov. 22, 2023
A Native woman with red handprint over her mouth supports the Murdered Missing Indigenous Women, or MMIW movement, at the 2023 Native American Connections' Parade in Phoenix.
Each November 19th is recognized as Red Shawl Day, a national annual observance to bring attention violence committed against Indigenous peoples, particularly women and children.
Nov. 18, 2023
The Show spoke with Dr. Molly McClain who runs Deseo Clinic in Albuquerque, New Mexico, about her experience treating transgender patients and seeing people moving to the state for care.
Nov. 15, 2023
Erin Joyce
Arizona State University has appointed a new curator at large for its museum. The daughter of two creative parents, Erin Joyce was raised in northern Arizona and began her prior work as a curator on an independent basis in California.
Nov. 4, 2023
The Show spoke with sport and exercise medicine doctor and clinical assistant professor at the University of Arizona College of Medicine — Phoenix Leah Hillier about how female athletes tend to suffer injuries at higher rates than male ones.
Nov. 2, 2023
Person holding a transgender pride flag
A federal judge will not allow the mothers of three biological girls to join the legal fight against two transgender girls who want to participate in school sports.
Nov. 1, 2023
Man holding cellphone
Cassie Villegas at Solari Crisis & Human Services spoke with The Show about what she's seen since the 988 LGBTQI+ Youth Line launched as a resource in July.
Oct. 30, 2023
Aside from humans and some whales, most female mammals don’t live long past the end of their reproductive years. A new study involving ASU and UA finds a surprising exception to that rule – one that could shed light on why menopause evolved in humans.
Oct. 26, 2023
The Arizona Coyotes play the Pittsburgh Penguin
Arizona Coyotes defenseman Travis Dermott violated NHL guidelines at the Coyotes home opener Saturday night by wrapping his stick with “pride tape” – a rainbow-colored tape that’s used in support of the LGBTQ+ community. Rather than punish Dermott, the NHL announced it has rescinded the ban on pride tape.
Oct. 24, 2023
A female student texting while leaning against a locker while wearing a crop top
A contentious debate over the school dress code in the Higley Unified School District finally came to an end this week, when the governing board approved a new policy that does not explicitly prohibit midriffs.
Oct. 19, 2023


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