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Medical experts say there’s now no question Arizona is seeing an upward trend in COVID-19 infections. Arizona is now averaging more than 1,000 cases per day, more than double last month's numbers.
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Jul. 19, 2021
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Suspected pandemic-related hospitalizations have reached a four-month high in Arizona. Now, a new study in the journal The Lancet finds one in two people who are hospitalized with severe COVID-19 develop complications.
Jul. 16, 2021
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Mental reaction times can slow due to normal aging and disorders like Alzheimer’s disease. But their diagnostic value depends on how well scientists can link changes to their causes. One of the largest studies so far offers some clues.
Jul. 16, 2021
Phoenix City Hall
Phoenix has postponed its return to workplace plans due to a rising COVID-19 community transmission rate.
Jul. 16, 2021
A report released Thursday shows that the number of children who missed routine vaccinations increased dramatically during the pandemic. Mexico was among countries where immunizations dropped substantially.
Jul. 16, 2021
Electronic health records mean a physician’s notes can follow a patient from doctor to doctor. But when the chosen words convey bias or stigmatize the patient, they can perpetuate bad treatment, poor health outcomes and self-fulfilling prophecies.
Jul. 15, 2021
A patient gets swabbed for a COVID-19 test
The Arizona Department of Health Services said Wednesday's update was especially high because of reporting delays over the past few days. But the seven-day average for new cases has been steadily rising in Arizona.
Jul. 14, 2021
wall of dust
Amid a recent spate of dust storms, the Arizona Department of Health Services has released its annual bulletin on the state’s dreaded dust-borne ailment, Valley fever.
Jul. 14, 2021
CDC Community transmission
Health officials continue to urge caution as the delta variant of COVID-19 spreads in Arizona. Delta is thought to be the most transmissible strain of the virus yet.
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Jul. 13, 2021
Will Humble
As the highly contagious delta variant continues to spread, one health expert wonders whether bringing back COVID-19 mitigation measures like mask wearing are necessary.
Jul. 12, 2021
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Children can develop severe coronavirus cases and even end up in the hospital. But only scant data exists regarding which conditions might exacerbate the virus’s impact. New research attempts to uncover those links.
Jul. 9, 2021
Cancer accounts for almost 21% of deaths in Arizona, barely edged out by heart disease as the state’s leading cause of death. Now, the annual cancer report issued by the CDC, American Cancer Society and other leading groups offers good news — mixed with some concerning trends.
Jul. 8, 2021
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Arizona lawmakers are banning most of the state’s K-12 schools from requiring students or staff to wear masks. But as COVID-19 cases rise in the state, some doctors are speaking out, saying the rule puts Arizona children at risk.
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Jul. 7, 2021
As the Suns vie for the NBA championship, some researchers are using last season’s bubble to better understand how coronavirus spreads — and to find out how well CDC guidelines worked.
Jul. 7, 2021
Access to health care has become even more essential in the last year, as the pandemic has sent millions to the hospital in need of care and millions more to be tested. It has also highlighted existing disparities in access to care that were there before COVID-19 hit.
Jul. 7, 2021
The Arizona sun behind a palm tree
Maricopa County recorded a record-high number of heath-related deaths in 2020. But with summer far from over, 2021 is already on track to be even deadlier.
Jul. 5, 2021
Photos at the vigil for Mark “Black Jack” Urquiza,
Nearly 18,000 Arizonans have died since the start of the pandemic, and experts believe the number is likely an undercount. Only five states have lost a larger share of their populations to the disease.
Jul. 5, 2021
As musicians return to in-person concerts, bands and orchestras must protect themselves from virus-laden aerosols that could be expelled while playing some instruments. A new airflow study proposes some unusual arrangements.
Jul. 2, 2021
Gove. Doug Ducey gets a COVID-19 vaccine
President Biden set a goal that 70% of American adults would have at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine by the Fourth of July. About 20 states reached that target. Arizona fell short. And the state’s politics are likely playing a role in its vaccination efforts.
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Jul. 2, 2021
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Research shows periodic screenings can reduce deaths related to breast and cervical cancers. But a recent CDC study finds a troubling drop in testing during COVID-19.
Jul. 2, 2021


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