Marijuana plants
As Arizona approaches the two-year anniversary of marijuana legalization in November, many health and safety questions about cannabis as a consumer product remain unanswered. A new study reiterates the old motto: Let the buyer beware.
Sep. 16, 2022
Former NFL quarterback Jim McMahon is co-founder of a cannabis company
As marijuana becomes legal in more and more states, celebrities are putting their names on different brands of cannabis products.
Sep. 15, 2022
marijuana leaf
Proposition 207 authors carved out money from the legalization and regulation of recreational marijuana for what they called a justice reinvestment program. A local nonprofit is asking people to tell them how cash from a namesake fund should be spent.
Sep. 9, 2022
The Arizona Daily Star's Here Weed Go! podcast explores all aspects of cannabis culture in Arizona. It covers everything from cannabis legislation to scientific breakthroughs and the culture surrounding the cannabis industry.
Aug. 24, 2022
Local radio and TV stations are a step closer to cashing in on cannabis. On Wednesday, the U.S. House of Representatives approved language that would allow broadcasters to air marijuana ads.
Jul. 21, 2022
Curaleaf logo on building
New documents explain why the owner of a local marijuana dispensary wants federal officials to redo a union vote by its workers.
Jul. 15, 2022
medical marijuana buds in glass jars
Workers at a local marijuana dispensary recently voted to form a union, but their employer Curaleaf has filed objections to the election with the National Labor Relations Board.
Jul. 13, 2022
Marijuana plant leaf
The Arizona auditor general found in 2019 that the state Department of Health Services had misallocated money from the medical marijuana fund. A new follow-up report says the health department has been slow to implement all policies and procedures needed to keep it from happening again.
Jun. 29, 2022
marijuana leaf
A corporate entity that owns marijuana dispensaries throughout metro Phoenix is under a federal court order to offer a job to a former budtender who sought to form a union. But the parent company of Curaleaf Arizona could still prevail in the unfair labor practices case awaiting review by a federal agency.
Jun. 29, 2022
medical marijuana buds in glass jars
A bill awaiting a vote from the Arizona House would help ensure marijuana buyers in the state are getting what they pay for, and avoid possibly dangerous surprises.
Jun. 17, 2022
CBD products advertised for sale at a Phoenix shop
Using CBD products should not get you a positive test for THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. But Banner Health’s poison control center says they’ve received an increasing number of reports from people who have failed marijuana drug tests but say they’ve only used CBD.
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May. 16, 2022
Marijuana plants
Legalizing recreational marijuana has helped cannabis move further into mainstream culture. Now, it's moving on as an ingredient to three- and five-star course meals.
Apr. 20, 2022
Mint Cannabis 420 airport shuttle
Tempe-based Mint Cannabis marijuana dispensary is now offering free rides to its stores from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport as well as Valley resorts, senior living facilities and other locations.
Apr. 19, 2022
Marijuana plants
Arizona’s marijuana program was set up in such a way that companies producing cannabis ultimately sold to the public are required to have the product tested. But a recent investigative story by the Arizona Republic found at least one of those companies had potentially dangerous pesticide levels in its cannabis.
Apr. 19, 2022
Young marijuana plants at Copperstate Farms
The state Department of Health Services late last week awarded 26 social equity licenses as part of Arizona’s voter-approved, adult-use marijuana program.
Apr. 12, 2022
Plana Tetecala
In a symbolic action Friday, members of the Tetecala movement planted two marijuana plants in front of the Sonoran government palace.
Apr. 1, 2022
gavel in a courtroom
The Arizona Department of Child Safety put a medical marijuana patient on a list of child neglectors and abusers for exposing her baby to cannabis during pregnancy. Now a state appeals court has reversed the decision.
Mar. 31, 2022
Autism was among the conditions highlighted by state health officials in a recent callout to those interested in applying for competitive grants to fund marijuana clinical trials.
Mar. 31, 2022
Marijuana plants
State health officials plan to hold a drawing on April 8 for licenses to sell marijuana, which were set aside for people who bore an unequal weight of cannabis-prohibition laws.
Mar. 24, 2022
Baked Bros. Pourable THC Syrup
Arizona voters approved recreational adult-use marijuana in 2020. The law spells out that dispensaries are allowed to advertise, but they cannot package or label marijuana in a way that’d be appealing to kids.
Mar. 22, 2022


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