boy looking at big stack of books
For the first time in three years, the Tucson Festival of Books will return to its home at the University of Arizona campus March 12-13.
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Mar. 3, 2022
"The Wave" at Coyote Buttes North
The Wave is one of the most famous red rock features in the Southwest, but permits to the popular hiking area on the Utah-Arizona border are hard to come by. Visitors will soon have a more convenient option to getting one.
Mar. 1, 2022
A low-cost airline plans to open a new crew base at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport this November. A crew base is where pilots and flight attendants generally begin and end their workdays.
Mar. 1, 2022
A sign welcoming visitors to Arizona
Tourism has been a big part of Arizona’s economy for a long time. The Show spoke more about that and how other parts of the country try to get us to visit with Kathleen Andereck, a professor in ASU’s School of Community Resources and Development, where she focuses on tourism.
Feb. 21, 2022
Two people looking at a document
The Tucson Festival of Books will return to the University of Arizona’s campus on March 12-13. It will mark three years since the event has been held in person.
Feb. 8, 2022
Francisco Garcia
Tourists visiting Hermosillo will now have a new way to find interesting attractions in the Sonoran capital — a phone app.
Feb. 4, 2022
traveler with luggage
While there are signs that the omicron-fueled wave is slowing, Mexico is still putting up some of its highest daily confirmed case counts of the pandemic.
Feb. 1, 2022
Sky Harbor
Sky Harbor passenger totals for last year were up just over 77% from 2020 as the airport rebounds from a massive pandemic-induced falloff.
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Jan. 29, 2022
Chiricahua National Monument
A popular national monument in southern Arizona could become a national park under a new bill introduced in Congress.
Jan. 21, 2022
Camelback Ranch spring training
Pictures of baseball players have been scrubbed from the websites of major league teams they work for during a six-week-old lockout executed by club owners. But many team websites also recently began selling tickets to spring training games threatened by the labor dispute.
Jan. 17, 2022
Some Republican lawmakers want to revisit a 2016 law that prohibited municipalities from stopping the listing of short-term rentals and vacation homes. In some areas, 40% of residential properties have ended up as vacation rentals.
Jan. 12, 2022
Sonoran Free Transit Zone
Sonoran officials say they want to expand a special transit zone that allows tourists to more easily bring their cars into the state.
Jan. 7, 2022
Sky Harbor
The surge in cases due to the Omicron Variant is having more effects on travel. These closures are expected to increase wait times at the other security checkpoints.
Jan. 7, 2022
Havasu Falls
The Havasupai Tribal Council recently voted to remain in lockdown at least until June 1.
Jan. 5, 2022
Fronteras Desk logo
A cruise ship with an ongoing COVID-19 outbreak among the crew and passengers docked in neighboring Sonora, Mexico, this week.
Dec. 29, 2021
hotel hallway
Among the sectors hit the hardest by the pandemic is the hospitality industry. While Arizona is set up for a good season with college bowl games and winter visitors, there are uncertainties with the COVID-19 omicron variant.
Dec. 28, 2021
people standing around terminal
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day flights across the country have been delayed or even cancelled due to the spread of the COVID-19 omicron variant.
Dec. 25, 2021
Homeland Security logo
A bipartisan group of Arizona lawmakers is urging the Department of Homeland Security to move forward with a pilot program that would allow Mexican nationals to more easily visit all of Arizona.
Dec. 9, 2021
A work stoppage is looming for Major League Baseball, as the current Collective Bargaining Agreement between the league and its players’ union is set to expire later this week. The Cactus League is now preparing for a spring training without players, after multiple seasons were impacted by COVID-19.
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Nov. 27, 2021
silver trailer parked inside with door open
A 15-acre site in Chandler that once featured a Sam’s Club warehouse is now home to a popular brand in the recreational vehicle industry.
Nov. 24, 2021


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