Katie Hobbs
Gov. Katie Hobbs said Wednesday that she will back a proposal to put an issue on the 2024 ballot repealing a state law that requires Maricopa County — and only Maricopa County — to get legislative approval before putting the tax renewal to voters.
Jun. 14, 2023
Republican lawmakers late Tuesday approved their own transit funding plan for Maricopa County, all but daring Gov. Katie Hobbs to veto it. And she wasted no time in saying that’s exactly what she intends to do.
Jun. 14, 2023
cars stopped at intersection
After conducting field studies at 12 intersections with the University of Arizona, Phoenix's Street Transportation Department recommended extending yellow lights to improve safety and reduce red-light running.
Jun. 13, 2023
Cars on Loop 101
Arizona House Republicans trotted out their own version of a new transit tax for Maricopa County on Monday, one that doesn't match what Gov. Katie Hobbs wants. But it remains unclear whether they can line up the votes for it, as the proposal never made it to the House floor on Monday for a vote.
Jun. 12, 2023
19th Avenue light rail line
Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs claims to have a deal to let Maricopa County voters decide if they want to extend a half-cent sales tax for transportation projects.
Jun. 12, 2023
A route map inside a Valley Metro light rail trai
The Show spoke to Michael Pal, Valley Metro's new chief transportation officer, on his career in transportation.
Jun. 12, 2023
The below-grade Papago Freeway in central Phoenix, built on what used to be Moreland and Culver streets.
The Arizona Department of Transportation says drivers should prepare for lane restrictions and delays as more than 20 pavement projects across the state are set to begin. Some are already underway.
Jun. 7, 2023
19th Avenue light rail line
Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs is negotiating with Republican state lawmakers to craft a deal on whether to extend the Maricopa County half-cent sales tax for transportation.
Jun. 5, 2023
Seat belt
As of April 23, Arizona state troopers had investigated over 100 deadly crashes on highways and interstates since the year began and found that 41 of those killed were not wearing seat belts.
May. 31, 2023
Proposed Interstate 11 corridor
A new report claims that construction of Interstate 11 from Nogales to Kingman would put a strain on Arizona’s water supply.
May. 29, 2023
Interstate 11 map
Conservationists have won the right to challenge the Arizona Department of Transportation’s plans to build Interstate 11. This allows the lawsuit to continue.
May. 26, 2023
Light rail extensions disrupt business and traffic. Using steel rods to reinforce concrete beneath the tracks further slows the process while raising sustainability and worker safety concerns. So Valley Metro used an alternative on its current northwest extension.
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May. 25, 2023
Different lanes of traffic to exit and go to different areas of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport are shown here. It is daytime in this photo.
The upcoming Memorial Day weekend is expected to bring big crowds through Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport — which is coming off of its busiest first quarter ever.
May. 22, 2023
New bridge on 48th Street and Broadway Road
Construction zones have been popping up overnight on parts of Interstate 10. Earlier this week, a construction worker was killed after a semi truck crashed into the boom lift he was operating near the Broadway curve.
May. 19, 2023
Phoenix Arizona bus stop
Phoenix is moving forward with a new transportation option and a commitment to community input. The city’s first corridor for bus rapid transit, known as BRT, will run along 35th Avenue from the former Metrocenter Mall to Van Buren Street downtown and along Van Buren to Central Avenue.
May. 19, 2023
a large pile of catalytic converters
The National Insurance Crime Bureau says more than 64,000 catalytic converters were reported stolen to insurance companies in 2022, that’s almost 50,000 more than in 2020.
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May. 18, 2023
Arizona Capitol copper dome statue Phoenix
As the Arizona Legislature adjourns for another break, one item left on the docket is Prop. 400 — a half-cent sales tax in Maricopa County that funds transportation projects.
May. 18, 2023
phoenix fire department
Seven months after the union representing Phoenix firefighters launched a public campaign to highlight concerns over staffing, response times, and high call volume, the department is touting progress.
May. 17, 2023
Vehicle to everything concept illustration
“Vehicle to everything” is the concept of using cellular data and apps to connect vehicles to infrastructure, pedestrians, emergency services, other vehicles and more. The U.S. Department of Transportation is sending Arizona more than $1.7 million to implement the technology.
May. 8, 2023
light rail
Valley Metro riders may potentially see the light rail making new stops in Phoenix in the future. Officials are looking to expand services to take public transit users from downtown to the state capitol.
May. 7, 2023


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