A mural of poet Amanda Gorman
What do a Valley novelist, tireless advocate of the arts and poet in her own right, and a teacher/spoken word artist in Phoenix have in common? They are our three guests who thread that needle through this tapestry we call Word. It’s a podcast about literature in Arizona and the region, created and hosted by KJZZ’s Tom Maxedon.
Oct. 24, 2021
3 people standing next to rainbow crosswalk
A Phoenix city councilwoman is hosting an inaugural block party this weekend to support the LGBTQIA+ community.
Oct. 21, 2021
abortion protest witches
As parts of the U.S. implement laws severely restricting access to abortion, in Mexico, things seem to be headed in another direction. The country’s court in September handed down a ruling that essentially decriminalizes abortion. But restrictive laws remain on the books in most of Mexico.
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Oct. 4, 2021
Fuerte Arts Movement's October Women's March mural, critical of Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema
Hundreds of pro-choice advocates gathered at the Arizona Capitol in Phoenix on Saturday morning in response to the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision to uphold Texas’s anti-abortion law.
Oct. 2, 2021
Demonstrators dressed as characters from "The Handmaids Tale"
On Saturday, women’s marches for reproductive rights are planned across the country. Marches are planned for 10 towns and cities in Arizona, including at the state Capitol in Phoenix, Armory Park in Tucson and the Flagstaff City Hall.
Oct. 1, 2021
Arizona nonbinary drivers license
Some nonbinary Arizonans are now able to get a driver's license here that accurately reflects their gender.
Sep. 30, 2021
Domestic-violence victim
Maricopa County is putting $15 million in federal pandemic relief funds toward domestic violence services. Evidence suggests the pandemic has led to an uptick in domestic violence.
Sep. 28, 2021
40 years ago this week, Arizona’s Sandra Day O’Connor made American history by becoming the first woman to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court. Here in Arizona, Sept. 25 is known as Sandra Day O’Connor Day.
O'Connor's Brother Remarks On 40th Anniversary Of Her Confirmation
Sep. 23, 2021
Sononran Congresss approves marriage equality reform
It’s been six years since Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled that laws prohibiting same-sex unions are unconstitutional. Now, Sonoran laws finally reflect that decision.
Sep. 23, 2021
Sonoran Gay Marriage
An attorney from the team that won the case now under appeal called the appeal a delay tactic and said it was unlikely to succeed.
Aug. 24, 2021
The federal tool is set to be activated in six Sonoran municipalities, including Hermosillo and the border cities of Nogales and San Luis Rio Colorado.
Aug. 16, 2021
Sonoran Gay Marriage
An attorney involved in the case called the ruling historic. While there is a short period for appeals, he said he doesn't expect one.
Aug. 3, 2021
The Engagement by Sasha Issenberg
Thirty years ago, same-sex marriage was far from a reality. Sasha Issenberg has written the definitive history of it in his new book, "The Engagement: America's Quarter-Century Struggle over Same-Sex Marriage."
Aug. 3, 2021
Phoenix Pride 2018
Many cities around the state have passed non-discrimination ordinances to protect their LGBTQ communities in recent years. But in Chandler, an effort to get the City Council to pass an ordinance extending protections in housing, employment and public places to gay and lesbian people stalled last month.
Aug. 2, 2021
Asociación Mujeres y Conservación
Women are increasingly finding a space in the historically male-dominated field of environmental conservation. But there are still significant barriers — from harassment and discrimination to language and cultural hurdles some say keep their work in the shadows. Now, a group of scientists in neighboring Sonora, Mexico, are fighting for their place in the profession.
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Jul. 27, 2021
Sonoran Searchers
Groups dedicated to searching for the missing in neighboring Sonora, Mexico, met with security officials this week to discuss safety measures after a searcher was murdered.
Jul. 22, 2021
Abort so as not to die
Lawmakers in a state is southeastern Mexico voted to decriminalize elective abortion this week — making it the fourth state in the country to allow the procedure.
Jul. 21, 2021
basketball hoop
A head coaching position in the NBA is highly-coveted, with only 30 teams in the league. To this point, the NBA hasn’t had a woman hired to be a head coach, but this offseason may see that change.
Jun. 29, 2021
megan figueroa
The term "Latinx" is being used by many in the left-leaning academic set as a more gender-inclusive form of “Latino” or “Latina," but it’s also stirring up quite a bit of controversy — especially among people of Latin American descent in the U.S.
May. 25, 2021
 Elizabeth McClean
A University of Arizona professor’s research into how gender can affect approval of ideas in the workplace has been published in the Academy of Management Journal. The research offers advice for both men and women.
May. 24, 2021


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