Arizona Capitol
Arizona Republican senators have claimed that an executive order to expand gender affirming care for state employees and retirees would cost taxpayers $788 million a year. The actual number is $788,000.
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Jul. 5, 2023
generic pills in blister pack
In July, pharmacists will be allowed to dispense birth control pills, contraceptive vaginal rings and hormone patches without a prescription being needed.
Jun. 29, 2023
Katie Hobbs
Gov. Katie Hobbs is again wading into culture wars, issuing executive orders Tuesday to halt the use of public funds for "conversion therapy'' while mandating them for "gender affirming health care,'' at least for state and university employees and retirees.
Jun. 27, 2023
Ari Kravitz
Finding a doctor who can offer gender affirming care isn’t always easy or accessible. For the trans community, it can be a matter of life and death. Primary care is critical for trans people of all ages. Ari Kravitz is a nurse practitioner at Spectrum Medical Care, which provides gender affirming health care.
Jun. 23, 2023
Phoenix Pride 2018
For the first time, the Human Rights Campaign declared a state of emergency for all LGBTQ people living in the United States. The declaration comes on the heels of dozens of ant-trans bills nationwide.
Jun. 23, 2023
Planned parenthood
A year after Roe v. Wade was overturned, patients seeking abortions in Arizona are facing longer wait times and added barriers for appointments, according to Planned Parenthood Arizona, the state’s largest abortion provider.
Jun. 22, 2023
Katie Hobbs
Gov. Katie Hobbs’ list of vetoes grew by eight more bills. Teacher training and hand counting votes were among them, but several had one thing in common: drag shows.
Jun. 16, 2023
old main
A federal appeals court has reinstated a lawsuit against the University of Arizona, the Arizona Board of Regents and several athletic heads at the university.
Jun. 14, 2023
On this episode of Word, it’s the season-ender! We discuss reading events beyond the upcoming Juneteenth holiday that offer a deeper connection to why it’s celebrated. Plus, a literary convo from Kenya happened while on "vacation," and I returned to the Valley to discuss a debut novel from an ASU professor emerita.
Jun. 11, 2023
Person holding a transgender pride flag
Gov. Katie Hobbs added to her growing list of vetoes this week. Among them was SB 1040, a bill that would have kept transgender students in public schools from using spaces like bathrooms or changing rooms that match their gender identity.
Jun. 9, 2023
a pregnant person
Although more than four-fifths of diabetes cases in pregnant females develop during pregnancy, studies show pre-pregnancy diabetes poses a greater risk for mothers and infants. A new study by the National Center for Health Statistics shows those cases have been rising steadily, especially in Arizona.
May. 31, 2023
"My Last Innocent Year" book cover and headshot of Daisy Alpert Florin.
The Show spoke with author, Daisy Alpert Florin, on the shades of gray in many #MeToo moments that she delves into in her new book.
May. 25, 2023
Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne holds a press conference on Wednesday, May 24, 2023.
Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne has submitted new legal filings in an effort to keep transgender athletes from playing on school sports teams that differ from their gender assigned at birth.
May. 24, 2023
Prosecutors withdraw case
On Saturday, the prosecutor's office announced that it's withdrawing its case against 23-year-old Roxana Ruiz after determining that she acted in self defense when she used a T-shirt to strangle a man as he attacked and raped her in 2021.
May. 22, 2023
Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs signs into law a bipartisan budget
Gov. Katie Hobbs has vetoed a bill that would have restricted the use of preferred pronouns in schools. As of Monday, Hobbs has issued a total of 95 vetoes this session.
May. 22, 2023
Arizona Capitol copper dome statue Phoenix
State lawmakers gave final approval on Monday to a bill that would forbid teachers from calling students by a pronoun that does not match their biological sex.
May. 16, 2023
Trujillo family
Daniel Trujillo is a 15-year-old boy living with his parents in Tucson. He goes to public school, plays guitar, says he's "really, really into Radiohead.” On top of music, he also values his grades, but each school year, when the Arizona legislative session starts, his grades take a hit.
May. 15, 2023
8M 2023
As Hermosillo’s feminist collectives grow, so do certain tensions — including the question of who should be included. Some activists are pushing Sonora’s feminist movements to embrace transgender women and men and nonbinary people within their ranks.
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May. 4, 2023
Ben Toma
Top legislative Republicans have hired an out-of-state attorney to defend a 2022 Arizona law that forbids transgender girls from participating in girls’ sports.
May. 3, 2023
Uganda flag
LGBTQ activists are linking Family International Watch, a group located in Gilbert, to potential "anti-homosexuality" laws in Uganda.
May. 3, 2023


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