Restrictions have been put in place on large-scale farming in western Arizona as a part of a bid to protect dwindling groundwater supplies.
Dec. 22, 2022
a Dynamite Water tanker
With less than two weeks until taps go dry for some homes in Rio Verde Foothills, the city of Scottsdale has denied a request to extend delivery services to the unincorporated community.
Dec. 20, 2022
Mark Kelly
Sen. Mark Kelly says that states should come together to meet the challenges of less water in the Colorado River.
Dec. 15, 2022
Phoenix City Hall
Phoenix leaders are closer to sending a $500 million dollar general obligation bond program to voters after approving recommendations presented by a citizen's committee Tuesday.
Dec. 13, 2022
Colorado River
The meeting marks 100 years since an agreement divvied up water among seven states, including Arizona.
Dec. 13, 2022
Dynamite Water
The city of Scottsdale announced it was going to stop providing water to commercial companies hauling water the Rio Verde Foothills by the end of this year.
Dec. 12, 2022
Coconino County is asking FEMA for about $30 million in grants to stop further flooding from the burn scars after this year’s devastating wildfires in Flagstaff.
Dec. 8, 2022
TSMC fab plant
President Joe Biden visited north Phoenix on Tuesday to mark a major announcement in the semiconductor industry. The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, known as TSMC, plans to invest $40 billion in Arizona between a nearly completed facility and a second plant expected to open in 2026.
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Dec. 6, 2022
Colorado River
After more than a century of dam building and development, the Colorado River ends as a trickle at the Arizona-Mexico border. The river was once the lifeblood of the Cocopah, or River People. The tribe has begun trying to return a sliver of that landscape to what it once was.
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Dec. 6, 2022
Guaymas sewage
By early next year, Sonoran officials say the coastal municipality of Guaymas, which has long struggled with a collapsing sewage system and spotty access to drinking water, will take control of its own water operations.
Nov. 30, 2022
Salton Sea
The drought has sent federal agencies scrambling to keep Lake Mead and Lake Powell from falling. They are trying to keep California’s largest lake from drying up as well.
Nov. 29, 2022
ASU Arizona State University
Arizona State University will lead a partnership to tackle future water needs. A $40 million boost from the state will help the Arizona Water Innovation Initiative to study and develop new water solutions and technologies. Dave White is with ASU’s Global Institute of Sustainability and Innovation.
Nov. 25, 2022
Cochise County
While the county remains committed to a controversial vote counting process, members of the Water Coalition of Arizona say that initiative 422, which would establish a groundwater management board, should easily have enough votes to pass.
Nov. 16, 2022
housing construction
Maricopa County’s population has more than doubled over the past 30 years, making it one of the fastest growing regions in the country. But meanwhile, Arizona’s water supply has become more and more depleted. So as growth continues, can the state sustain even more residents?
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Nov. 15, 2022
Colorado River
Western utilities have been downsizing and shutting down coal-fired power plants in the face of climate change, a trend that is likely to continue and could have additional benefits, such as water savings.
Nov. 15, 2022
Cochise County
Voters in southeast Arizona got to weigh in on a pair of initiatives that would create local boards to regulate groundwater use, but it could be a while before they know the results.
Nov. 14, 2022
Carlsbad Desalination Plant reverse osmosis gallery
A new desalination plant has been approved in California's Orange County. This comes as communities across the western U.S. grapple with an uncertain water future.
Nov. 14, 2022
drop from a water faucet
The city of Mesa has a water-rate discount program for low-income older adults. Called the Limited Senior Rate Program, the plan introduced about a year ago takes 30% off residents’ water bills.
Nov. 11, 2022
dry cracked ground
Two decades of the Southwest megadrought have marked Arizona’s driest period in 1,200 years. With climate change in full swing, greenhouse emissions well above pledged targets and the state facing cutbacks to its share of dwindling Colorado River water, many wonder: Is drought the new normal?
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Nov. 10, 2022
The Arizona Canal
The dwindling water levels of Lake Powell and Lake Mead have gotten a lot of attention in the midst of Arizona’s historic drought. But those aren’t the only measures causing alarm.
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Nov. 10, 2022


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