Smoke from the Diamond Fire
State forestry officials are preparing for the upcoming fire season. The Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management says recent rain and snow has caused a growth spurt of grass in foothills across the state, meaning more fuel.
Mar. 2, 2024
Faith advocates from around the country congregated underneath the shade of trees at the Oat Flat Campground.
A federal appeals court authorized the transfer of Oak Flat, a spiritual site nestled in the Tonto National Forest and considered sacred by Apaches, to a foreign-owned mining company on Friday.
Mar. 1, 2024
Baby and adult bald eagles nesting in Canada
Bald eagle nestwatchers in Arizona have reported people flying drones too close and hiking into nesting areas. The Arizona Game and Fish Department says anyone who witnesses bald eagle harassment should contact the agency.
Feb. 27, 2024
Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project
The $366 million plan will fund solar, battery storage and hydropower projects in sparsely populated regions where electricity can be costly and unreliable. The money comes from a $1 trillion infrastructure law President Joe Biden signed in 2021.
Feb. 27, 2024
Portrait of woman and book cover
On this episode of KJZZ's Word podcast about literature, we feature stories about a crime, a baseball historian with a century-old tale and science from an NPR correspondent. Plus, we have the winner of this year’s KJZZ Haiku Writing Contest.
Feb. 25, 2024
The Diamond Fire doubles overnight
Officials are warning residents to clear out fire hazards on their property in Scottsdale and other surrounding areas. People can use a program to identify those fire hazards.
Feb. 24, 2024
Sun on a blue sky framed by trees
An opportunity for the hottest day of the year for far in Phoenix might take place this weekend. The National Weather Service forecasts potential temperatures in the low 80s. These weather conditions stem from the patterns observed in the Southwest region.
Feb. 24, 2024
sun shines with a few clouds around it
In addition to the new standard to lower the acceptable level of fine-particle pollutants in the air, the EPA is also working to put monitoring stations in what it calls "overburdened communities."
Feb. 22, 2024
Woman in black shirt and hat standing in front of rock formation
Journalist Caroline Tracey has watched as Instagram and other platforms have turned a spotlight on the desert in ways she finds both refreshing — and troubling. She spoke to The Show more about the trend and what it means.
Feb. 22, 2024
Gila monster
Through KJZZ’s Q&AZ reporting project, a listener asked on social media if it's illegal to keep Gila monsters as pets and breed them in Arizona.
Feb. 22, 2024
Phoenix skyline view from Camelback Mountain
The EPA recently introduced stronger standards for reducing one of the most common contaminants in Maricopa County’s air: Particles so tiny, they’re only about as big as a human hair is wide.
Feb. 21, 2024
Cathedral Rock Trailhead Sedona Arizona
No matter what types of movies you enjoy, over the next several weeks, Arizona has hundreds of offerings, whether that’s in the Phoenix metro region or Sedona. Here's some of the highlights from three film festivals in Arizona, as well as a bonus take in this director’s cut.
Feb. 21, 2024
Mark Kelly
The federal government has already allocated $5 billion through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law for states to use on PFAS testing.
Feb. 20, 2024
Roof rat
The Show spoke with Dr. Loretta Mayer, Flagstaff scientist and the co-founder of the nonprofit WISDOM Good Works, is working to change rodent control by controlling their fertility.
Feb. 20, 2024
Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project
In Arizona, the Bureau of Land Management’s updated Western Solar Plan plan lists around 4.8 million acres as potentially available and more than 7.2 million acres as not suitable for solar.
Feb. 15, 2024
Saguaro cactuses typically endure in the Sonoran Desert for 150 to 200 years — unless their lifespan is cut short. A recent government report found that in the rush to put up a border wall, that’s exactly what happened.
More Arizona politics news
Feb. 14, 2024
SRP snowpack
SRP reports snowpack in the Salt River watershed is now above-average, which will mean another year of healthy reservoir levels.
Feb. 14, 2024
President Joe Biden
The Show spoke with Arizona House Speaker Ben Toma about why he and other legislative Republicans are suing over nearly 1 million acres around the Grand Canyon that President Joe Biden designated a national monument last year.
Feb. 14, 2024
Group of people
The Ajo Center for Sustainable Agriculture's program trains three to five aspiring farmers each cycle in Ajo and on the Tohono O’odham Nation
Feb. 13, 2024
Davis-Monthan Air Force Base
PFAS are a group of widely-used, human-made chemicals that have been linked to health issues like cancer. Now, the Department of Defense is green-lighting investigations into sites that have been exposed to contamination.
Feb. 12, 2024


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