Border To Border Drugs

In the final installment of our series, Border To Border Drugs, we look at the new consumers of heroin in the Pacific Northwest.
Sep. 19, 2013
In part three of the Border To Border Drugs series, Northwest News Network correspondent Austin Jenkins unravels a drug distribution ring that stretched from Arizona to Washington state.
Sep. 18, 2013
For drug smugglers, getting a truckload of illegal narcotics past border authorities means potentially huge profits. But they're often up against two levels of security: that of U.S. law enforcement, and that of private export and shipping companies.
Sep. 17, 2013
During a recent five-year period, three times more methampehtamine was seized at San Diego ports of entry than all other U.S.-Mexico border crossings combined. And meth seizures this year are on track to far surpass 2012.
Jul. 2, 2013
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