Study Probes Potential Latino Cultural Center In Phoenix

October 09, 2017
(Photo couresty of the city of Phoenix)
Gail Browne, executive director of the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture

Building a new Latino Cultural Center in Phoenix will cost more than what the city has set aside, according to a recently released feasibility study.

The city has earmarked about $1 million for the center. But the study estimates a cost range of $1.8 million to $4.5 million, depending on the size and type of building.

Officials have always expected a public-private partnership to bridge a financial gap, said Gail Browne, executive director of the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture.

“That a nonprofit or some entity would be formed to develop a capital fundraising campaign to raise the additional money,” she said.

The $1 million in public money for the center came from a 2001 bond election, Browne said. The cash was supposed to be for Museo Chicano, but it closed in 2009.

Most people responded “downtown,” when asked where they take in the arts, according to the study. They want the center located near similar kinds of amenities, Browne said.  

“So does it need to be specifically downtown? No. But it needs to be in the heart of the city in some way,” she said.

Phoenix officials set a $70,000 budget for the study, Browne said.

The study will go before the Arts and Culture Commission, and a City Council subcommittee in October.

Officials say there is still time for people to get involved and give feedback.