Mexico City’s subway is turning 50. It's one of the largest in the world — and one of the most peculiar ones. In this series, we’ll explore the Metro's secrets and the lessons it could bring to U.S. cities like Phoenix, where rail systems are small or non-existent.
Oct. 17, 2019
Authorities are searching for a man possibly carried away in a massive sinkhole in Hermosillo, the capital of the Mexican state to Arizona’s south. The Hermosillo fire chief says it's the first such case he's heard of in 24 years.
Oct. 15, 2019
The leader of one of Mexico’s largest and most powerful unions has just stepped down, as he faces an investigation for money laundering. His resignation could have an effect in the U.S.
Oct. 17, 2019
Phoenix Fire, Others Chip In To Help Find Hermosillo Sinkhole Victim
Hermosillo is getting a hand from Phoenix fire as it tries to find a man who fell into a massive sinkhole. A team from Mexico City is also on hand, and others are expected. Numerous volunteers have assisted, and he’s grateful for all the help.
Oct. 18, 2019
Mexican President Defends Release Of El Chapo’s Son After Capture
Violence erupted in a northwest Mexican city Thursday after a son of convicted drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman was briefly detained there. The decision is seen as a major embarrassment for the government.
Oct. 18, 2019
Hopi Ranger Convicted Of Sexually Assaulting Woman He Arrested
A federal jury convicted a former Hopi law enforcement ranger of sexually assaulting a woman he arrested. A jury found MacKenzie Davis guilty of abusive sexual contact, violating her civil rights and destroying evidence.
Oct. 17, 2019
Points Of View: Ratifying The USMCA
Trade between Canada, Mexico and the U.S. has become an integral part of our economy in Arizona. Now, pressure is rising for Congress to ratify a new deal between the three countries: the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement, known better as the USMCA or the new NAFTA.
Oct. 17, 2019
1 Year Since 1st Migrant Caravan Seen Travelling To U.S.
People had been migrating from Central America for decades, but October last year was the first time a river of thousands were being seen walking across screens in the U.S. Within days, President Trump threatened to close the southwest border if the migrants were allowed to advance.
Oct. 16, 2019