Jose, 16, tried to make it to the United States twice this summer but was caught both times in Mexico. Now back in El Salvador, he is trying to keep a low profile.
September 12, 2014
A man accused of raping a 14-year-old migrant girl who he was guiding across the border has pleaded guilty. It is one of the rare instances where a border rape case is able to be prosecuted.
September 17, 2014
Many Navajo voters complained a presidential candidate should not be eligible to run for office because he doesn’t speak Navajo fluently. But the tribe’s election officials have dismissed these grievances.
The Navajo Nation requires its presidential candidates to speak fluent Navajo. One of the two candidates who won last month’s primary admits that he doesn't.
In June the U.S. Border Patrol caught more than 10,600 children traveling alone along the southern border. By the end of July only about half that many were apprehended. The numbers continued to drop in August.
The film stars Eva Longoria, Michael Peña and Ed Harris, and was written by two Arizona natives.
The tiny nation of El Salvador is scrambling to receive thousands of children deported from Mexico back to their home country. In coming months, more children are anticipated to arrive, this time deported from the U.S.
The Grand Canyon is a place of breathtaking beauty and environmental, educational and science programs. But park officials are making widespread cuts to those programs, and the reasons why are complicated.
Last month a plane landed in El Salvador carrying women and children deported from a New Mexico detention facility. But a day later, lawyers filed a lawsuit alleging women held there were denied due process.
A federal judge in Austin ruled the laws would pose an undue burden on a woman's legal right to an abortion.
In June, the head of the internal watchdog office at CBP was removed from his post after an independent report revealed the agency didn’t do enough to investigate the Border Patrol’s use of deadly force.
The National Guard is now descending on the South Texas border as part of Operation Strong Safety. Its mission is to help combat the never-ending flow of illegal drug traffic headed north from Mexico.
A U.S. Justice Department report released Tuesday shows over the last three years the U.S. Attorney’s Office has prosecuted a lot more Indian Nation cases than previous years.
Members of different political parties there said El Salvador needs to take responsibility for the migration and insecurity of its people and not look to the U.S. for all the answers.
On Thursday morning they went to the airport in San Salvador to watch a plane arrive from the United States with deported women and children.