Hermosillo Bureau

Murphy Woodhouse (left to right), Michel Marizco, interim Rio Salado College President Kate Smith and Kendal Blust.

KJZZ's Hermosillo Bureau

KJZZ’s Fronteras Desk has expanded into northern Mexico with the creation of a new Business Desk that focuses on the fast-growing market between Arizona and Mexico. The bureau opened with the partnership of the Universidad Tecnológica de Hermosillo, a college in the state capital that specializes in engineering, aeronautics and energy.

The Hermosillo bureau focuses on the rapid expansion of trade between Sonora and Arizona, the growing overseas shipping industry on Sonora's shores and the impacts that this is having on the U.S.-Mexico border and on Arizona.

The Hermosillo Bureau supplements the reporting of our Fronteras Desk team across the Southwest, especially in Flagstaff, Phoenix, and Tucson.

The number of personal vehicles crossing into Arizona from Mexico fell last year, marking the second year of declines. One Nogales port authority representative chalked the drop up to staffing shortages and lane closures.
Untold Arizona: Creating Cross-Border Connections Through Art
Three years ago, Bisbee artist Gretchen Baer opened a small art center just steps from the border in the quiet town of Naco, Sonora. Now, every Tuesday the little studio bursts into life with colorful chaos as nearly 100 kids show up to paint, draw, play music and eat an after-school snack. In this installment of our series Untold Arizona we head south of the border to Studio Mariposa.
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Feb. 14, 2020
Migrant Aid Group Opens New Shelter In Nogales, Sonora
The binational migrant aid and advocacy organization Kino Border Initiative inaugurated a new migrant shelter and aid center in Nogales, Sonora, on Tuesday. The new space will allow the group to provide additional services to migrants at the border.
Feb. 13, 2020
Mexican Congress Puts Pressure On State Congresses Over Same-Sex Marriage
A Sonoran reform measure that would bring state law in line with a 2015 Supreme Court ruling has been stuck in committee for more than six months.
Feb. 13, 2020
Searching Commission Head Hopes To Bring Peace To Families Of Missing
Last fall, the Sonoran Congress approved the creation of a commission to oversee searching for the state’s many missing people. Dr. Jose Luis Gonzalez Olivarria, its new head, is a longtime forensic investigator with the state Attorney’s Office and has years of experience identifying human remains.
Feb. 11, 2020
Untold Arizona: A Quiet Bass Fishing Paradise In Sonora
San Pedro de la Cueva is about as remote a corner of vast, sparsely populated Sonora as there is. Nevertheless, Arizona and other U.S. bass anglers have been heading there for decades to enjoy the spectacular scenery, laid back way of life and — of course — top-notch fishing. In the latest installment of our Untold Arizona series, KJZZ goes to the waters of the El Novillo reservoir.
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Jan. 29, 2020
Conservationist Ship Attacked In Vaquita Refuge
The crew of a conservationist ship that patrols Mexico’s Sea of Cortez to protect an endangered porpoise came under fire by suspected poachers over the weekend in a “critical zone” where there have been several sightings of the nearly extinct vaquita marina porpoise.
Feb. 10, 2020
Bacanora Gains Protected Status In European Union
A regional liquor produced in neighboring Sonora, Mexico is being recognized in the European Union as a unique regional product. That could increase the spirit’s value on the international market.
Feb. 7, 2020
Nogales Is Again King Of Mexican Tomato Imports
Nogales, Arizona, has reclaimed the top spot for Mexican tomato imports. In 2017, it lost the distinction to the port in Hidalgo, Texas, according to federal trade data.
Feb. 7, 2020
Nogales Gets Ready For Stepped-Up Tomato Inspections
The import industry expects significant annual inspection costs, as well as additional border delays for perishable tomatoes.
Feb. 4, 2020
EX-AZ Mayoral Candidate, Sonoran Councilman Pleads Guilty To Drug Smuggling
A former Nogales, Arizona, mayoral candidate and Sonoran city councilman has pleaded guilty to drug smuggling charges. He says he continues to work as a legislative adviser for a Sonoran state deputy.
Feb. 3, 2020
Rising Violence: Sonora, Mexico, Contends With Jump In Murder
High-profile acts of violence in Sonora, Mexico, have been big news on both sides of the border in recent months. But murder has been on the rise in the state for a number of years, with most victims quickly vanishing from the headlines. KJZZ’s Fronteras Desk in Hermosillo reports on the homicide surge in Sonora — and what is being done about it.
Feb. 2, 2020
LeBarón Family Marches With Thousands Against Violence In Mexico
Relatives of the women and children murdered in November in Sonora, Mexico, are among the leaders of a rally heading to Mexico City. Their goal is to put pressure on the government to stop the violence in the country.
Jan. 24, 2020
Official: Oft-Delayed Sonoran Highway Project Expected This Spring
The major infrastructure project is all but finished, with most remaining work between Nogales and Ímuris. Mexico’s current President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and his predecessor Enrique Peña Nieto both have promised to finish that highway, but the expected completion dates have repeatedly come and gone.
Jan. 23, 2020
2019 Was Mexico’s Most Violent; Murders Up In Sonora
Mexico had a record-setting number of murders last year. And Sonora, the Mexican state to Arizona’s south, saw a particularly grisly jump in homicide. The murder figure rose just 2.5% nationally but nearly 60% in Sonora since 2018.
Jan. 21, 2020
Communities Affected By Mining Spill Win Case In Mexicos Supreme Court
On Wednesday, the Second Chamber of Mexico's Supreme Court unanimously granted legal protection to communities affected by a 2014 mining spill in the Sonora River. Residents of the communities affected by the spill hope that the ruling will provide relief they’ve been seeking for more than five years.
Jan. 16, 2020
Amid Impeachment Din, Senate Approves USMCA By Wide Margin
As the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump is getting underway, the U.S. Senate approved the revised NAFTA deal on Thursday by a wide margin. The final tally was 89-10, with both of Arizona's senators voting for the measure.
Jan. 16, 2020
Binational Team Of Female Brewers To Debut IPA In Tucson
The head brewers of Tucson’s Borderlands Brewery and Monterrey, Mexico’s Turulata Brewing oversaw the cross-border collaboration. The fruit of the women-led effort is a hazy IPA they’re calling Las Hermanas, or the sisters.
Jan. 15, 2020
Sonora’s Largest University Gets Pro-LGBT Crosswalk
Sonora’s largest university has a new rainbow crosswalk on campus, a show of solidarity with LGBT students. Allies and members of the University of Sonora’s LGBT community gathered thousands of signatures and recently presented a petition to university leadership asking to be able to paint that crosswalk.
Jan. 14, 2020
AMLO Visits Family Of Massacre Victims, Promises Justice
On Sunday, Mexico’s president visited the Sonoran municipality where nine people were murdered in November in an ambush by suspected drug cartel members. But family members of the victims are asking him to do more to fight violence and insecurity across Mexico.
Jan. 13, 2020
Lucha Libre Fighter La Parka Dies In Native Hermosillo
The Mexican professional wrestling world is mourning the death of Lucha Libre fighter La Parka, who was injured in October and passed away in his native Hermosillo this weekend. Jesús Alfonso Escoboza Huerta suffered a serious injury in October.
Jan. 13, 2020