Many states in Mexico, including its capital, have experienced severe fuel shortages for days. The Mexican administration says it’s the result of temporarily closing gas pipelines to stop illegal fuel taps. But many are skeptical.
Jan. 16, 2019
Southwest Key Programs has asked state health officials to start inspections of the shelter operator’s Arizona facilities. The move is a key step toward lifting a months-long, statewide freeze on placements of unaccompanied undocumented immigrant children at Southwest Key shelters.
Jan. 15, 2019
Honduran Transgender Asylum Winner Builds New Life In Arizona
Lincy Sopall weaved a shopping cart through the long aisles of a fabric store. The warehouse-like building is packed with all kinds of colored textiles and materials for making clothes. Sopall came here to get supplies to make a dress for an event hosted by the International Rescue Committee in Phoenix.
Jan. 17, 2019
9 Aid Workers Go To Trial In Border Case
About 50 people gathered outside the federal courthouse in Tucson on Tuesday morning ahead of the complicated trial. Nine defendants are charged with everything from entering a wildlife refuge without a permit to abandoning "personal property."
Jan. 15, 2019
New Navajo President Faces Big Economic Challenges
Jonathan Nez was sworn in Tuesday as the new president of the country’s largest Native American reservation.
Jan. 15, 2019
AZ Federal Workers Brace For No Paychecks As Shutdown Continues
Under normal circumstances, Friday would be payday for many federal employees. But those who have been furloughed due to the partial government shutdown won’t be getting a check yet. And for Arizonans — both in rural and in urban areas — that won’t be easy to manage.
Partial Government Shutdown Harming Navajo Nation
Jan. 11, 2019
Legislation Targets Produce Imported From Mexico
Every year billions of pounds of fresh produce cross the border from Mexico into the United States. Now, legislators in Florida are proposing a bill they say would protect U.S. produce growers from unfair Mexican trade practices. But opponents of the legislation say it would be bad for consumers.
Jan. 9, 2019