‘Pepenadores’ Hope To Preserve Role As Recycling Efforts Grow
In many parts of Mexico, some make their living by collecting recyclable materials from landfills. In the Sonoran capital Hermosillo, they also play a key role in the city’s very young recycling program, a role they had to fight for.
Sept. 18, 2020
Mexico Celebrates Plane Lottery Amid Doubts, Hopes — And No Plane
One of the most important symbols of the Mexican president’s fight against corruption is the luxurious presidential plane used by previous administrations. After his government failed to sell it, he wanted to raffle it but that turned into a lottery ... without the plane. The lottery finally happened this week, but many questions remain.
Sep. 17, 2020
Hermosillo Mayor Faces Backlash After Comment About Drug Traffickers
The mayor of the Sonoran capital Hermosillo gave an impassioned speech Wednesday night in which she called for drug traffickers to be shot. Local groups are already pushing back against that idea.
Sep. 17, 2020
Mexican President Says Sonora Is Getting Adequate Federal Support
After recently learning that next year’s Mexican federal budget includes just one major infrastructure project in Sonora, Gov. Claudia Pavlovich said she would work to bring more resources and projects to her state. But asked if the state was getting shortchanged, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador pushed back at a morning press conference last week.
Sept. 19, 2020
Mexican Security Head Highlights Violence Hotspots, Drop In Kidnapping
Several of Sonora's cities are among Mexico's most violent, according to national crime data.
Sept. 19, 2020
Mexican President Dismisses Trump’s Threats On Drug Report
President Donald Trump released his yearly report on illegal drugs trafficked into the US in September. In the document, he wrote that the Mexican government needs to intensify its efforts and do more to stop the flow of narcotics. But Mexico’s president says there’s nothing to worry about.
Sept. 18, 2020
Mexico Demands Reports On Alleged Unauthorized Hysterectomies
Two immigration detention centers were accused of serious violations of human rights, including involuntary surgeries and sexual abuse. Mexico’s government has formally requested from U.S. authorities a report on the alleged negligent practices.
Sept. 18, 2020
Wife Trying To Raise $50K To Get Husband To Tucson Hospital
A Tucson woman is trying to raise funds to get her husband medical care in the United States after he was severely burned in a diesel truck explosion in neighboring Sonora, Mexico.
Sept. 17, 2020