Border Wall Contractor Sucked 1.5M Gallons Of Water From Protected Wetland
A U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service report shows that border wall contractors are depleting water from natural ponds in the San Bernardino National Wildlife Refuge in southern Arizona.
Aug. 12, 2020
Bureau Of Indian Education Schools Fall Short Of Benchmarks
The Bureau of Indian Education has a long and troubled history educating about 46,000 Native American students around the country. But a new investigation by the Arizona Republic and ProPublica shows its more than 180 schools have chronically failed to meet benchmarks set by the federal government that every other public school in the country is held to.
Aug. 12, 2020
Why ICE Stopped Cooperating With Immigration Nation
ICE has attracted significant attention during the three and a half years of the Trump presidency as the administration has aggressively changed some immigration policies. During the last election cycle of 2018, the phrase "Abolish ICE" was brought up and encouraged by some progressive candidates and organizations. Now, ICE is at the center of a new Netflix documentary series called "Immigration Nation."
Aug. 12, 2020
Sonoran Feminist Groups Reject Proposed Reforms Targeting Online Violence
Feminist groups across Mexico have been fighting for legal reforms penalizing the unauthorized sharing of sexual images online. But many are rejecting a version of those reforms proposed in Sonora, saying it would do more harm than good.
Aug. 13, 2020
Navajo Nation Will Start Phased-In Reopening Plan Aug. 17
The Navajo Nation has announced its plan for a phased-in reopening beginning Aug. 17. The plan includes safety measures for residents as well as new business policies.
Aug. 13, 2020
AZ Representatives Raise Concerns About Potential Mexican Produce Measures
The U.S. government is considering action to protect domestic growers from what the Department of Commerce describes as "trade distorting policies."
Aug. 13, 2020
Sonoran Capital Hermosillo Further Loosens COVID-19 Restrictions
Hundreds of new COVID-19 cases are still being confirmed daily in Sonora, along with several dozen new deaths, which have been heavily concentrated in the capital in recent days.
Aug. 12, 2020
LGBTQ Groups Pressure Sonoran Congress On Marriage Equality
A marriage equality reform measure has languished in the Sonoran Congress for more than a year.
Aug. 11, 2020