Mexican President Faces More Corruption Allegations

By Rodrigo Cervantes
Published: Monday, January 18, 2021 - 5:05am
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MEXICO CITY — One of the main campaign promises that helped Mexico’s president win election two years ago was his commitment to eradicate corruption. But the president is accumulating allegations against him on the matter — and his indifference toward those issues is raising eyebrows. 

According to a recent investigation from a nonprofit, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s administration is making a large development investment that benefits a baseball stadium managed by his brother.

The president argued that the money is part of a program to develop areas near a touristic train system that his government is currently constructing. But another journalistic investigation is suggesting that the area where the president’s private ranch is will also be benefitted by the same state investments.

The president says the accusations are false statements brought by what he calls a conservative journalism mafia. 

He did not provide further explanations on the lack of transparency regarding the bidding processes, an issue that has been raised repeatedly throughout his term.

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