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Mexico Sues U.S. Gun Manufacturers Over Trafficked Weapons
Mexico filed a civil lawsuit against 11 U.S.-based gun manufacturers Wednesday, alleging that negligent practices have allowed the illegal flow of weapons across the border to drug cartels. It’s the first time the country has filed such a suit.
11 hours ago
COVID-19 Cases, Hospitalizations Continue To Climb In Sonora
The third wave of the coronavirus is in full swing in neighboring Sonora, Mexico, where cases and hospitalizations are once again soaring to peak levels. This week, a second Sonoran municipality moved into what the state considers maximum risk for COVID-19 spread.
11 hours ago
Federal Judge Gives Sonoran Congress Until December To Enact Marriage Equality Reforms
An attorney involved in the case called the ruling historic. While there is a short period for appeals, he said he doesn't expect one.
Aug. 3, 2021
San Carlos, Guaymas Pandemic Closures Contrast With Previous Measures
While enforcement appears to be more lax, one San Carlos business owner says his establishment and others will voluntarily comply with the stricter rules.
Jul. 30, 2021
Mexican Tomato Importers Worry Rule Interpretation Could Raise Prices
One industry representative in Nogales, Arizona, says it could increase sale prices by as much as 20% to 25%.
Jul. 30, 2021
COVID-19 Top Cause Of Death In Sonora In 2020
New data out Thursday shows that COVID-19 was the top cause of death in neighboring Sonora, Mexico, last year.
Jul. 29, 2021
Mexico To Release Incarcerated People Who Were Tortured, Seniors
Mexico is preparing to release thousands of incarcerated people from federal prisons, including those who have been tortured.
Jul. 29, 2021
Sonora Community Faces COVID-19 Outbreak Amid Water Shortage
A town of the Indigenous Comcaac Nation in neighboring Sonora, Mexico, is experiencing an outbreak of COVID-19 cases in the midst of a water shortage.
Jul. 29, 2021
Sonoran Scientists Start Group For Latin American Women
Women are increasingly finding a space in the historically male-dominated field of environmental conservation. But there are still significant barriers — from harassment and discrimination to language and cultural hurdles some say keep their work in the shadows. Now, a group of scientists in neighboring Sonora, Mexico, are fighting for their place in the profession.
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Jul. 27, 2021
Reporters Demand Justice For Slain Colleague
The state attorney addressed protesters and said that "all lines of investigation" would be followed, including those involving the threats Ricardo Lopez himself denounced earlier this year.
Jul. 27, 2021
With Guaymas At Maximum COVID-19 Risk, San Carlos Beaches To Shut
Cases across Sonora are on the rise, along with hospitalizations. Deaths remain largely flat, likely due to the ongoing vaccination effort.
Jul. 26, 2021
Shootout Again Shakes Sonoran Town, Interrupts Vaccination Effort
There have been several high profile incidents near the town in recent years, including one in May 2020 that claimed the life of a former mayor and shut down the state's most important highway.
Jul. 26, 2021
Sonoran Governor Calls For Planning Of School Return
With cases rising, Sonora’s Gov. Claudia Pavlovich is calling for a well-thought out strategy for a return to in-person instruction. Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has recently called for in-person classes to resume this coming fall semester.
Jul. 24, 2021
Sonoran Reporter Who Had Denounced Threats Killed
In March, the slain reporter Ricardo López said that "doing journalism right now in Guaymas is extremely risky" during a press conference in which he denounced threats and dangers faced by him and other local reporters.
Jul. 23, 2021
Months Of Border Crossing Restrictions Have Been A Boon To Some, Bust For Others
Along with all the other impacts of the global pandemic, Arizona border communities are dealing with ongoing crossing restrictions, renewed again just this week. While some of the consequences have not been as dramatic as feared, those restrictions have spelled profound changes for businesses and border residents.
Jul. 22, 2021
Sonora Hits 400 Daily Coronavirus Cases For First Time In 6 Months
Neighboring Sonora, Mexico, reported 400 new coronavirus cases Thursday, the highest daily count in more than six months. Authorities are calling for increased caution, especially among the unvaccinated.
Jul. 22, 2021
Searching Groups Come New Agreement With Officials
Groups dedicated to searching for the missing in neighboring Sonora, Mexico, met with security officials this week to discuss safety measures after a searcher was murdered.
Jul. 22, 2021
Veracruz Now 4th Mexican State To Decriminalize Abortion
Lawmakers in a state is southeastern Mexico voted to decriminalize elective abortion this week — making it the fourth state in the country to allow the procedure.
Jul. 21, 2021
Authorities Work With Yaqui Tribe To Search For 10 Missing People
Local, state and federal officials are working with members of the Yaqui traditional guard to search for 10 people in neighboring Sonora, Mexico, who went missing last week.
Jul. 21, 2021
Mexico’s Security Strategy Focuses On 50 Most Violent Municipalities
Mexico has unveiled a new security strategy to address violence in cities with the highest number of murders — including several in neighboring Sonora. That strategy continues to rely heavily on the National Guard.
Jul. 21, 2021
Hermosillo Mayor Concedes Defeat, Joins New Governor
The outgoing mayor in the Sonoran capital is finally accepting election results that show she lost the race. But she quickly accepted a new role as part of the in-coming state government.
Jul. 19, 2021