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Questions our reporters have answered:

Q&AZ: How dark can AZ drivers tint their car windows?
Laws pertaining to vehicle window tinting vary by state, with some having more restrictions than others. Through KJZZ’s Q&AZ project, a listener asked: How dark can Arizona drivers tint their car windows?
Aug. 28, 2022
Have questions about Arizonas midterm election? Ask us
KJZZ is part of a new community-powered journalism project to answer those questions and any other ones you have about how to exercise your right to vote in the upcoming midterms.
Aug. 17, 2022
Q&AZ: Does gravel landscape negatively impact urban heat island effect?
In an effort to conserve water during the long-term drought, residents around the Southwest are tearing out their grass and opting for desert landscaping — called hardscape — that primarily features gravel. Through KJZZ’s Q&AZ project, a listener asked: Does hardscape contribute negatively to the urban heat island effect?
Aug. 7, 2022
Q&AZ: Why does vote counting take so long in Arizona?
Every two years, Arizonans cast their votes in primary and general elections. And every two years, critics complain it takes too many days for all the votes to be counted. Through KJZZ’s Q&AZ project, a listener asked: Why does the vote counting process take so long?
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Aug. 6, 2022
Q&AZ: Whats the story behind Phoenix Papago Parks Tree of Life structure?
Phoenix's Papago Park is known for its natural rock formations, but it’s also home to a mysterious manmade structure. Hear the story behind the park’s "Tree of Life" structure.
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Aug. 1, 2022