Mexico concerned about Remain in Mexico reinstatement
The Biden administration is preparing to restart a program known as “Remain in Mexico” after a federal judge ordered its reinstatement. Officials, however, say it will require Mexico’s cooperation to resume the Trump administration program that sent asylum seekers back to Mexico to await U.S. court hearings.
Oct. 18, 2021
U.S. will lift border travel restrictions on Nov. 8
U.S. officials announced this week that pandemic travel restrictions implemented more than a year-and-a-half ago will finally be lifted for people who have been vaccinated. Travelers will be able to begin crossing the border again on Nov. 8 with proof of vaccination.
Oct. 15, 2021
The southern border is reopening. How that could impact AZ economy
After more than a year and a half of painful closures, Arizona border businesses are finally breathing a sigh of relief this week. But the economic ties between Arizona and our neighbor to the south go beyond border towns.
Oct. 15, 2021
Sonoran leaders sign peace accord to curb violence
Neighboring Sonora, Mexico, has experienced rising violence for years now. In response, the state’s new governor has released a plan he says will curb crime and corruption and restore peace.
Oct. 14, 2021
NHL wants more fans in Mexico. Heres how Coyotes fit in
The National Hockey League’s 2021-22 season got underway this week with teams playing in nearly every part of the U.S. and Canada — from here in the Valley to the Arizona Coyotes’ former home in Winnipeg, Manitoba. But the NHL has only a limited connection to Mexico, even as the league tries to be more inclusive and expand its fan base.
Oct. 14, 2021
Tucson police chief confirmation hearing to head CBP scheduled
Tucson’s Police Chief Chris Magnus will finally get a confirmation hearing to head the nation’s Customs and Border Protection agency.
Oct. 14, 2021
Headquarters for Mexicos migrant health care program comes to Phoenix
Mexico has moved the headquarters for a program that helps migrants access healthcare from the East Coast to Phoenix. The country’s ambassador to the United States took part in a ribbon-cutting ceremony Wednesday at the Mexican Consulate office near downtown.
Oct. 14, 2021
Communities relieved by U.S. lifting border restrictions
For now nearly 19 months, the restrictions have meant Arizona border businesses have lost the Sonoran shoppers they depend, and many Sonorans have been cut off from friends and family.
Oct. 13, 2021