Navajo Nation wants tourists to stop along its iconic spots
The Navajo Nation wants to increase tourism, and it’s looking at some of the most iconic spots in northern Arizona to do so.
Sept. 20, 2023
Humanitarian parole is reuniting a Tucson family. Its also in the crosshairs of GOP ire
It’s been almost a year since the Biden administration began rolling out a program to allow Cubans and others to apply to come to the U.S. Serguei Josevich Rodriguez remembers that moment well. Moments later, his phone was buzzing with calls from friends and family back home in Cuba.
Sept. 25, 2023
$10M for Nogales police after migrant releases
Governor Katie Hobbs announced Thursday the Nogales Police Department would receive a $10 million grant to obtain communications technology for border security.
Sept. 22, 2023
Allies use social media to reunite Native American families with those caught up in fake sober homes
For months, fraudulent sober living homes have targeted tribal communities across the western United States, coercing vulnerable Native American people into coming to facilities in Phoenix. A victims’ advocate says grassroots organizations like hers have been relying on social media to connect Native families looking for loved ones who’ve ended up unhoused.
Sept. 22, 2023
Navajo Nation among tribes getting $40M to clean up wells
Indigenous communities have long been unduly burdened by environmental pollution. Now, the Biden administration has sent nearly $40 million to help tribal communities plug and remediate orphaned oil and gas wells.
Sept. 22, 2023
Over 200 homeless after recovery community closes
A huge addiction recovery community in Tucson shuttered suddenly this week, leaving more than 200 people homeless as Arizona investigates widespread Medicaid fraud largely affecting Native Americans, authorities said Thursday.
Sept. 21, 2023
Border Patrol releases migrants on streets without telling aid groups
The migrant-aid system was overwhelmed and Border Patrol began releasing people onto the streets. It’s a last resort in the region and one that can leave asylum seekers and families at risk.
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Sept. 21, 2023
An Airbnb stay at this hogan on the Navajo Nation is a glimpse into life without running water
Nearly a third of the Navajo Nation still lives without running water, but that doesn’t stop travelers from veering off the grid to find a place without a faucet, flushing toilet or shower to spend the night.
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Sept. 20, 2023
Federal funds to help ID human remains in AZ
The Department of Justice is awarding almost $850,000 to the Arizona Department of Public Safety. The money comes from the Bureau of Justice Assistance's Missing and Unidentified Human Remains program, focused on improving reporting, transportation and forensics testing on unidentified remains.
Sept. 19, 2023
Bright Angel Trail closes as park fixes aging pipes
In October, crews will begin to upgrade the aging system, which has broken 85 times since 2010. Due to the work, most of the Bright Angel Trail will close from December through mid-April 2024.
Sept. 19, 2023
How supporting migrants can meet direct-care worker need
A new report found there’s a pressing need to recruit and retain tens of thousands of direct-care workers over the coming years. These are people who care for seniors and people with disabilities. In Arizona, about a quarter of the direct-care workforce are immigrants.
Sept. 18, 2023
Union warns 50% of federal wildland firefighters will quit over pay drop
The union representing federal employees is warning that the country could lose up to half its wildland firefighters unless Congress acts ahead of a sunset to a pay raise that dries up in two weeks.
Sept. 18, 2023
UN: Border wall in AZ is hurting World Heritage site
UNESCO, the UN body responsible for world heritage sites, is asking for more protection of the nature reserve just across the Arizona border in Mexico.
Sept. 18, 2023
Coconino County seeks public input to modernize dark sky ordinance
The county has had the ordinance in place since the 1980s, but officials say lighting technology has changed since then. Some recommendations in the original ordinance, like low sodium pressure bulbs, are considered archaic.
Sept. 15, 2023
AZ sheriff seeks help to handle arrival of asylum-seekers in rural area
Migrants are sometimes released into smaller communities if the number of people taken into custody gets too high. A Border Patrol official said there were nearly 2,000 apprehensions a day last week.
Sept. 15, 2023
He received DACA status at 24. 10 years later, ruling reminds him you don’t belong here
The ambitious executive immigration plan known as DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, is now likely heading back to the Supreme Court. The Obama administration enacted the program in 2012, allowing hundreds of thousands of undocumented people brought to the U.S. as kids protection from deportation.
Sept. 15, 2023
Labor officials pitch more protections for H2A visa holders
Federal labor officials are pitching new protections for guest farmworkers authorized to work in the United States with H2A visas. Arizona is on track to host more than 10,000 of those laborers in the fiscal year ending Sept. 30.
Sept. 14, 2023
Federal judge again declares that DACA is illegal
U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen agreed with Texas and eight other states suing to stop the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, program. The judge’s ruling was ultimately expected to be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court.
Sept. 13, 2023
Navajo Nation receives $55M grant to help homeowners
The Navajo Nation has received a $55 million grant to provide help to Navajo homeowners. The assistance includes mortgage payments and home repairs.
Sept. 13, 2023
 Flagstaff to increase its minimum wage to $17.40 in 2024
Flagstaff’s minimum wage is increasing by 60 cents an hour starting next year. Wages will rise to $17.40 an hour from $16.80.
Sept. 13, 2023
House Democrats join calls for expedited work permits for immigrants
Congressional Democrats including Arizona's Raúl Grijalva and Ruben Gallego are renewing calls on the Biden administration to make it easier and faster for asylum seekers to get work permits in the U.S.
Sept. 12, 2023