Gas prices are high and so are complaints about being gouged

Published: Monday, April 11, 2022 - 10:08am

High gas prices are contributing to an uptick of complaints by consumers about whether pumps are accurately calculating the cost per gallon.

Kevin Allen with the Arizona Department of Agriculture Weights and Measures said there has been nearly a 30% increase in complaints over the last year.

But Allen said only about 1% of protests against operators prove accurate. Twice as often, consumers actually receive a small benefit. 

“We’re talking about a very small fraction of a gallon. In a gallon, there’s 231 cubic inches and our tolerance for standard motor field dispenser is +/- six cubic inches,” he said.

Based on the latest figures from AAA, the average cost per gallon in Arizona is $4.60 — about 50 cents higher than the national average.

Complaints can be filed via phone at 602-542-4373, online or through the QR code on pump inspection stickers.

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