Arizona Attorney General Opens Investigation Into Speaker Gowan's Spending

Published: Friday, April 8, 2016 - 3:49pm

The Arizona Attorney General’s office has confirmed that it’s opening an investigation into the spending practices of State House Speaker David Gowan.

The investigation comes as a controversy brews over media access at the capitol. Through a spokesperson, Attorney General Mark Brnovich’s office said it was “investigating allegations of misuse of public resources involving Speaker Gowan.”

Citing the ongoing investigation, the statement declines further comment.

Last month Gowan, who is now running for Congress in Arizona’s District One, took the unusual step of inviting the investigation into his finances after a Capitol Times report that he was using a state vehicle and collecting per diems while campaigning.

Gowan later repaid the state more than $12,000 dollars. This week, the speaker imposed new security requirements for reporters, who in turn have refused to
sign waivers subjecting them to criminal, civil and personal information in order to have access to lawmakers on the House Floor.

Gowan maintains the new rules aren’t retribution against the media, but instead designed to protect house members.

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