Mexican Feminist Group Hijas De La MX Expands To The U.S.

By Rodrigo Cervantes
Published: Monday, April 8, 2019 - 9:33pm
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Hijas de la MX
Hijas de la MX is a collective promoting women's rights in Mexico and the United States.
Diana Ontañón
Diana Ontañón is a lawyer in Houston and a member of the Hijas de la MX collective in the United States.

MEXICO CITY — The fight in Mexico for equality and justice for women is going beyond borders. A Mexican feminist group is now opening a branch in the United States.

Hijas de la MX is a non-partisan women’s rights collective that emerged in February on social media, and with many outstanding Mexican women collaborating. Its Twitter account already has almost 70,000 followers and members.

Diana Ontañón is a lawyer in Houston, Texas, and founding member of the new U.S. chapter of the group, which has 25 women in six American states, so far.

“It’s important right now to speak up of what is happening,” Ontañón said.

“We give a a free, responsible and highly educated voice to face trascendental issues that happen in Mexico and worry us,” said the lawyer and activist.

She explained Hijas de la MX wants to become a counterweight to what they consider a populist government and a weak opposition in Mexico. Among their concerns are the elevated number of femicides, the cancellation of state sponsored child care facilities and the substitution of financial support for women victims of domestic violence in Mexico.

“We are true believers of the importance of the democracy, the existence of independence division of powers and of a constitutional law,” the lawyer said

The U.S. chapter will also address issues affecting Latinos living abroad, like bringing awareness of the impact that U.S. candidates and politicians have on Mexico and on the Mexican community living abroad.

“Beyond borders, there are millions of Mexicans who share with fair conviction our love for Mexico,” Ontañón said. “And I think it’s very important that the Hispanic community go and vote.”

Ontañón said other important topics in their agenda include asking the Mexican government to create a clear plan to protect its migrant citizens and to promote tourism in the U.S..

“The posture of the government of [Mexican President Andrés Manuel] López Obrador of not promoting anymore the tourism in the United States is a big mistake,” Ontañón said.