Arizona Democrats oppose Texas bill similar to SB 1070
Republicans are running a bill in Texas, which — depending on who you ask — is similar to Arizona’s controversial SB 1070 anti-immigration law.
While speaking to the press Monday morning, Gov. Katie Hobbs criticized a legislative committee charged with providing oversight and accountability to the state’s expanded school voucher program.
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Former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor will lie in repose for the public to pay their respects on Monday, Dec. 18, in the Great Hall of the U.S. Supreme Court, the court announced on Tuesday.
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The Show spoke with Ray Stern of the Arizona Republic about Devin Del Palacio's resignation from the Arizona School Board's Association.
U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville announced on Tuesday that he's ending his blockade of hundreds of military promotions, following heavy criticism from many of his colleagues in the Senate and clearing the way for hundreds to be approved.
An Arizona company signed a letter of intent on Monday with Ukraine’s Ministry of Strategic Industries to produce 3D-printed bunkers for Ukraine’s war effort.
The Colorado River’s biggest user will conserve some water in exchange for federal dollars
The Imperial Irrigation District in California announced it will conserve 100,000 acre-feet of water in 2024, less than its initial water conservation goals.
Gov. Katie Hobbs said she doesn’t plan to send National Guard troops to Arizona’s southern border after Customs and Border Protection closed the port of entry in Lukeville in response to a migrant surge.
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The Show spoke with Alex Morey, director of campus rights advocacy for the Foundation for Individual Rights, about how universities need to be bastions of free speech.
Money from the Inflation Reduction Act approved earlier this year sets aside more than $1 billion for programs aimed at conserving Colorado River water. But, new reporting from Politico finds that may make it more difficult to negotiate deals to save water down the road.
With an increase of migrants hoping to gain entry to the United States at the border with Mexico, lawmakers who represent Arizona at the federal level are looking for ways to handle the situation.
An Arizona conservation group called the Sky Island Alliance wanted to see how the wall on the U.S.-Mexico border affects animal migration. So it set up wildlife cameras to track animals as they moved from one side to the other.
AZ leaders push back on Lukeville Port of Entry closure
Arizona’s top politicians are requesting the federal government’s help to keep U.S. ports of entry open on the state’s border with Mexico. United States Customs and Border Protection announced Friday that the Lukeville Port of Entry — which Arizonans pass through to get to Puerto Peñasco — is closing indefinitely on Monday.
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Border Patrol will shut Lukeville crossing in Arizona. The nearest entry is 2 hours away
The U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced Friday that the temporary closure of the Lukeville, Arizona, crossing will start Monday as officials grapple with changing migration routes that have overwhelmed Border Patrol agents stationed there.
Every Republican and Democrat representing Arizona in the U.S. House of Representatives came together on the House Floor to honor retired U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, who died Friday.
Longtime Arizona lawmaker Art Hamilton, a Democrat who served in the state Legislature at the same time as then-state Senator Sandra Day O’Connor, shared his memories with The Show.
The Show recently visited the O’Connor House and sat in the living room to talk more with Sarah Suggs, president and CEO of the Sandra Day O’Connor Institute for American Democracy.
Ruth McGregor and Scott Bales, two retired members of the Arizona judiciary, joined The Show to remember former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, who died today at the age of 93.
In less than two weeks, Arizona’s Supreme Court is set to consider whether abortion can remain legal up to 15 weeks in the state or if a near-total ban should take effect. Now, one of the seven justices on the bench says he will not participate in the case.
The Arizona Corporation Commission unanimously approved a plan to set up a long-term water supplier for Rio Verde Foothills residents who lost access to their water supply earlier this year.
Homeland Security secretary visits city where record number of migrants are crossing
Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is in Texas this week for a meeting with border officers in Uvalde as that city and others along the U.S.-Mexico border are seeing a sharp rise in the number of migrants apprehended.