Arizona Politics News

Hobbs chief of staff Allie Bones resigns
Gov. Katie Hobbs announced Thursday that her chief of staff Allie Bones has resigned.
Police Ready For Heat, Protests At Phoenix Donald Trump Rally
Law enforcement says they’re prepared for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s 4 p.m. rally on Saturday at Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum.
June 17, 2016
Arizona Sen. Flake: Donald Trump Comments On Orlando Shooting Disgusting
Arizona Republican U.S. Senator Jeff Flake, a frequent critic of presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, has joined other prominent members of his party in a strong rebuke of comments made by Trump following the Orlando shooting.
June 15, 2016
Trump Coming To Phoenix Saturday For Rally At State Fair
Presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump will be in the Valley Saturday. He’s holding a public rally at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in the afternoon.
June 15, 2016
AG: No Criminal Investigation Against Reagan Over Election Manual
The Arizona Attorney General will not pursue criminal charges against Secretary of State Michele Reagan for not issuing an election manual.
June 14, 2016
Navajo Leaders Want To Meet With Trump, Clinton Ahead Of Election
Navajo Nation leaders are firming up plans to meet with Donald Trump when he visits Arizona on Saturday. Campaign officials told the tribe that the Republican presidential candidate is open to meeting with Navajo lawmakers.
June 14, 2016
Injunction Sought Against Arizona In Voter Rights Case
The Democratic National Committee, a plaintiff in a lawsuit accusing Arizona of suppressing voters during the state’s Presidential Preference Election, has asked a federal judge to issue a preliminary injunction against the state.
June 13, 2016
Arizona Sanders Backers Say Bernie Deserves To Stay In The Race
Tucson Congressman Raul Grijalva says Bernie Sanders earned the right by garnering nearly 45 percent of the Democratic vote this primary season.
June 9, 2016
Arizona Democratic Party Struggles, Despite Respected Candidates
A discussion of the current condition of the state's Democratic Party.
June 8, 2016
Arizona Fails To Make Space For Green Party Candidate On 2016 Presidential Ballot
Arizona law says that by June 1st, officials for each party must name the 11 people who will cast the electoral votes for their candidate if he or she wins the state in November. The Arizona Green Party failed to do so.
June 8, 2016
Brnovich Confirms Campaign Signs Cant Go Up More Than 60 Days Before Election Day
The informal legal opinion was issued after some argued that the 60 day countdown should start when voters receive early ballots.
June 8, 2016
Arizona AG Appoints Investigator To Look Into Election Pamphlet Delays
Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich has appointed a special investigator, to look into what led to the Aizona Secretary of State’s Office’s failure to send out publicity pamphlets early enough before last month’s special election.
June 3, 2016
Independent Investigator Appointed To Look Into Arizona Secretary Of State, Special Election Ballot Kerfuffle
Michael Morrissey, a former federal prosecutor, will review the failure of Reagan's office to ensure that pamphlets describing the issues on the May 17 ballot were delivered to the homes of all registered voters before the early ballots went out.
June 3, 2016
Lawsuit Filed Against Arizona Election Officials Over Long Wait Times
A civil rights group is suing the Arizona Secretary of State and Maricopa County officials for mismanaging the recent presidential preference election
June 2, 2016
Does Donald Trump On GOP Ticket Put Arizona In Play In November?
Donald Trump’s success during the presidential campaign caught nearly everyone by surprise.
June 1, 2016
Arizona Secretary Of State Michele Reagan Faces Criticism Over Special Election
Propositions 123 and 124 have been officially approved in Arizona.
May 27, 2016
Arizona Special Election Results Official Despite Lingering Questions On Legality Of Prop 123, Missing Pamphlets
Governor Doug Ducey says he's confident Arizona schools will soon see the millions of dollars promised with the passage of Proposition 123. That's despite concerns raised by critics like State Treasurer Jeff Dewit who contend the referendum could be illegal and have asked the state attorney general for his opinion.
May 27, 2016
Mi Familia Vota Works To Increase Civic Participation Among Latinos
How powerful could Latino voters be in Arizona’s August primary and November’s general election? Analysts have expected Latino turnout to get bigger and more impactful — but it hasn’t lived up to expectations.
May 25, 2016
Reaction To Donald Trump Compared To 1964 Campaign Of Barry Goldwater
A recent article in Slate compared the reaction to Trump to what was happening in the 1964 campaign of presidential nominee and longtime Arizona Sen. Barry Goldwater.
May 25, 2016
Maricopa County Board Of Supervisors Approve Special Election Results
Before the election, the county announced they were working to make the election process easier after the issues with long lines and limited polling places during the Presidential Preference Election in March.
May 25, 2016
Secretary Of State Michele Reagan, IBM At Odds Over Arizona Election Pamphlet Responsibility
When 200,000 households didn’t get their publicity pamphlets in the time frame required before this month’s special election, Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan blamed a “vendor error” on the problem, while also taking responsibility.
May 24, 2016