Phoenix Zoo
Animals at the Phoenix Zoo also face the challenge of this summer's excessive heat. And officials there have taken action to ensure the lions, tigers, bears and other creatures remain cool.
Jul. 23, 2023
Arizona Animal Welfare League dog
The Arizona Animal Welfare League’s main shelter was evacuated on Thursday after a propane yard fire broke out near 40th and Van Buren streets. The blaze caused propane tanks to go flying in several directions, creating a hazardous situation in the area.
Jul. 22, 2023
Extreme heat orange sun sunset
The extreme heat means air conditioners are running non-stop, but that can be costly for some older adults on fixed incomes. AARP's state director shares some resources.
Jul. 21, 2023
summer cactus
The prolonged heat is taking an obvious toll on humans and animals. But what about plants? At the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, they’re watching the flora in the sauna closely.
Jul. 21, 2023
Cactus ferruginous pygmy owl
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services has moved to get long-awaited federal protections for a tiny owl that lives on both sides of the US-Mexico border.
Jul. 20, 2023
tonto basin
In 2019, three children and a 69-year-old man died in separate incidents while trying to cross the flooded creek. The deaths amplified calls to the state to appropriate funds for a bridge.
Jul. 20, 2023
heat hiking sign
Officials are currently investigating if another 69 deaths are heat related. While this year's pace is lagging behind 2022, officials warn not to jump to any conclusions.
Jul. 20, 2023
sun shines with a few clouds around it
New records are being set on a daily basis during this heatwave that has now lasted three weeks in Arizona. Thursday marks the 21st day of temperatures over 110 degrees.
Jul. 20, 2023
Valeria Cañedo
Throughout Mexico, agave plants are used to make distillates like tequila, mezcal and Sonora’s bacanora. But there are other products that can be made with the plants, too, and one group is using fiber from agave leaves to reduce waste and bring new income to rural communities.
Jul. 19, 2023
A deal has been reached to settle several lawsuits against the Trump administration's actions on certain U.S.-Mexico border wall areas, and includes costs of $1.2 billion.
Jul. 19, 2023
a cloud with lightning over phoenix
Many Arizonans are waiting for the summer monsoon, hoping it can temper the state’s record-breaking heat wave. One listener wanted to know how long the monsoon typically lasts.
Jul. 18, 2023
A group of environmental and community organizations has filed suit to stop a pair of mining exploration projects in southern Arizona’s Patagonia Mountains.
Jul. 18, 2023
Solar panels on a roof
Nonprofits in Salt River Project's service area can apply to the program through August 18. The program has already installed 54 solar systems, saving organizations more than $1 million.
Jul. 17, 2023
river confluence
A Phoenix firm has proposed building a dam on a tributary of the Little Colorado River for hydroelectric power, but the project has drawn criticism from Navajo Nation residents.
Jul. 17, 2023
Water bottles sit in a large chest full of ice.
Summer cooling stations are an essential resource for many Valley residents. With Arizona in the midst of one of its most intense heat waves ever, they’ve taken on even greater importance.
Jul. 17, 2023
Grand Canyon National Park Bright Angel Trail Victor Vomit heat illness warning sign
One park official said there’s a 20-degree difference between the Grand Canyon’s rim and the bottom. Temperatures are expected to reach highs of 119 degrees in some places.
Jul. 15, 2023
Environmental groups suing the Biden administration over two mining exploration projects in southern Arizona have asked a judge to halt the projects in the Patagonia Mountains.
Jul. 14, 2023
A black rat aka roof rat
A UA entomologist said a surge in the population of roof rats in Tucson is no reason to panic, and encouraged residents to reach out to professionals to help rid their homes of the pests.
Jul. 14, 2023
clean water
The teams have received $4 million to research the decentralization and automation of potable water reutilization.
Jul. 13, 2023
Border cross
As a punishing heat wave rolls across Arizona and other states, aid groups working along the border say desperate migrants are still making the dangerous trek to the U.S.
Jul. 13, 2023


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