Kangirega Village
A 29% rise in the number and duration of droughts since the year 2000 has brought the world to “a crossroads.” So says a report by the UN Convention to Combat Desertification, which calls for urgent action, “using every tool we can.”
May. 12, 2022
Lake Mead
Lower levels at Lake Mead have sent water managers scrambling to assess Southwestern water and energy needs. But the falling reservoir is also revealing some surprises. Earlier this month, boaters at Lake Mead discovered a barrel with human remains.
May. 10, 2022
Echo Bay launch ramp at Lake Mead
The Park Service has already closed a number of ramps on Lake Mead and recently announced that it will close Echo Bay launch ramp starting Wednesday.
May. 9, 2022
Lake Powell
As the drought continues and climate change’s impact is felt even more deeply, dealing with Arizona’s water challenges has taken on a dramatic immediacy. And that will include conservation — possibly required conservation in the next couple of years.
May. 9, 2022
Quitobaquito a natural water source near the U.S.-Mexico border in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. It’s a sacred site and historic homestead to a southern Arizona tribe and it houses some of the state’s most endangered species. But the site is now in peril.
May. 6, 2022
river confluence
The Department of the Interior announced this week that nearly $10 million will be allocated for irrigation projects and power utilities owned by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.
May. 6, 2022
a panel of four people and one host sits on stage
With the Colorado River at all-time lows and a record drought pressuring Arizona’s water supply, policy makers face a number of challenges. But a panel of experts came together Thursday night to discuss the issue — and indicated there may be reason for optimism.
More Arizona water news
May. 6, 2022
Lake Powell
On Tuesday, the Bureau of Reclamation announced two drought mitigation measures to ensure the water level at Lake Powell doesn’t dip below what’s required to generate electricity. It’s a significant move one tribe in Arizona hopes will push other water legislation forward.
May. 5, 2022
Lake Powell
The ongoing drought appears to be a serious concern among Arizona voters. A new poll by Morning Consult, sponsored by the Walton Family Foundation, shows a large majority of Arizonans want to see lawmakers take action to address the state’s water issues.
May. 4, 2022
downtown tucson
The city of Tucson wants some funding from the bipartisan infrastructure package passed by Congress to go toward cleaning up groundwater contaminants.
May. 4, 2022
Glen Canyon Dam
The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation has announced new steps to increase the water level of Lake Powell.
May. 4, 2022
Colorado River
Leaders in the Yuma area are hosting a roundtable Thursday afternoon to discuss how drought and cuts in Colorado River output will affect water infrastructure and needs going forward.
Apr. 27, 2022
washing hands with water
A bill to help rural Arizona manage its groundwater has stalled in the Arizona House.
Apr. 26, 2022
Tres Rios Wetlands
Falling levels in northern Arizona reservoirs have raised concerns about the state’s water supply during the ongoing drought. But other sources of water supplying metro Phoenix are at healthier levels.
Apr. 19, 2022
Lake Powell
The water challenges of the western U.S. were elevated last week when the Interior Department announced the possibility of implementing emergency cutbacks in the attempt to keep more water in Lake Powell, which has seen its levels sink to troublesome levels.
Apr. 18, 2022
Lake Powell
The U.S. Interior Department is considering emergency cutbacks to the water supplies for Arizona, California and Nevada.
Apr. 14, 2022
Renewal construction will soon be underway at Quitobaquito Springs, a cherished natural water source along the border at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument.
Apr. 12, 2022
women walking in desert
An Indigenous nation in neighboring Sonora held a historic gathering last year to demand water for their communities on the Sea of Cortez. Now, they’re meeting again. This time in honor of their ancestors.
Apr. 8, 2022
water faucet
Upholding a Trump-era environmental policy, the Environmental Protection Agency says it will not regulate a drinking water contaminant that has been linked to brain damage in infants.
Apr. 1, 2022
Upper Salt River
Salt River Project harnesses the power of two rivers, the Verde and the Salt, and it taps into each river at different times of the year.
Mar. 28, 2022


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