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Marijuana in a jar next to a cannabis joint on a countertop
A publicly traded company that makes marijuana products says it has closed the sale of its only licensed operation in Arizona.
Oct. 20, 2023
Bottle of prescription medication
The company Optum Rx opened its largest pharmacy fulfillment center in the country in Mesa this week. The facility is expected to employ about 300 people.
Oct. 19, 2023
A future child care facility will serve Maricopa County employees and their families exclusively.
Oct. 19, 2023
Hermosillio, Sonora
As Phoenix works to increase business ties with Mexico, Arizona’s largest international trading partner, the city is looking beyond the Mexican state of Sonora.
Oct. 18, 2023
internet cord
The Phoenix City Council recently approved using federal funds to expand a program to serve public and affordable housing residents.
Oct. 18, 2023
Starting in January, there’ll be a new, free option for Arizonans to file their federal income taxes with the IRS — an alternative to paying for software developed by companies like TurboTax and H&R Block.
Oct. 17, 2023
Encántame Towers outside Rocky Point
The Show spoke to Hector Vazquez, who runs Las Palomas Resort in Rocky Point, about what is affecting tourism and how much they rely on Arizonans to visit.
Oct. 17, 2023
"Welcome to Tempe" sign at the Tempe History Museum.
The Show went to the Tempe History Museum to check out a collection of signs from historic Tempe.
Oct. 17, 2023
Instrument in the conservation lab.
The Show took a visit to the conservation lab at the Musical Instrument Museum and spoke with conservator Rodrigo Correa-Salas and MIM curator Rich Walter.
Oct. 16, 2023
A Lyft driver
Sergio Avedian — senior contributor with the Rideshare Guy, which has a blog, podcast and YouTube channel on the gig economy — joined The Show to talk more about Lyft's new Women + Connect program.
Oct. 16, 2023
Phoenix bond ballot
The city of Phoenix is asking voters to approve a sprawling $500 million bond package to fund everything from a long-awaited Latino Cultural Center, affordable housing projects, a new senior center, new parks and library branches and more.
Oct. 16, 2023
Hotel San Carlos
A major makeover is planned for a 95-year-old hotel in downtown Phoenix. When Hotel San Carlos opened in 1928, the San Carlos was Phoenix’s first air-cooled, high-rise hotel.
Oct. 12, 2023
Gas pump
The average price in Arizona has plunged 18 cents over the past week, to $4.41 per gallon. But that’s still well above the national average of $3.65.
Oct. 12, 2023
This 15-acre lot, where the traditional garden once thrived, has been largely vacant for more than a quarter of a century.
The Phoenix City Council will soon be asked to approve a new requirement for vacant commercial properties, in an effort to reduce trespassing, crime and blight.
Oct. 12, 2023
classroom supplies
Phoenix may reduce the number of low-income families it can serve through a federal program that promotes school readiness.
Oct. 11, 2023
7th and Camelback in Phoenix
The latest conversation over photo enforcement involves a different council makeup.
Oct. 10, 2023
Help wanted sign
A new report reveals that the Arizona Commerce Authority could not show that companies receiving nearly $11 million in incentives held up their end of the bargain by investing those funds or hiring workers at agreed-to wages.
Oct. 9, 2023
Grand Canyon National Park North Rim
Grand Canyon National Park will start winding down services at the North Rim for the season.
Oct. 5, 2023
$100 bills
Phoenix is prepared to provide millions in financial incentives to a Wisconsin-based company to grow locally.
Oct. 5, 2023
Mark Kondo
The Show spoke with Mark Kondo, chef and owner of Yatai Ramen, about what got him interested in food.
Oct. 5, 2023


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