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Endangered Ocelot Killed After Being Struck By Car On Sonoran Highway
Last week, an ocelot died in neighboring Sonora, Mexico after being hit by a car on a federal highway. Like many species that cross the U.S.-Mexico border, what happens to the endangered feline in Sonora is critical to the ocelot’s much smaller population north of the border.
Mar. 2, 2020
Conservationists: Oil Drilling Plan Doesnt Do Enough To Protect Chaco
The federal government released a new management plan for oil and gas drilling in the Greater Chaco Canyon area. Conservationists and some tribal members say it doesn’t go far enough to protect the environment and cultural sites.
Mar. 2, 2020
Shootout Leaves 2 Dead On Sonoran Highway To Kino Bay
Two more were wounded in a separate Sunday incident along the interstate between Guaymas and Ciudad Obregon in Southern Sonora.
Mar. 2, 2020
Educators Want Mesoamerican Math Tool In Arizona Classrooms
Retired professors from Mexico recently came to Arizona’s two biggest cities to introduce people to a pre-Hispanic computer used by the Olmecs, Mayans and Aztecs. This counting tool was lost for centuries. And now a local teacher wants to use it in math classes.
Feb. 29, 2020
D-Backs Visit Mexico City, Meet With Mexican President
In April, the Arizona Diamondbacks will play two games against the San Diego Padres in Mexico City. They will be the city’s first regular-season Major League Baseball games. A D-Backs committee visited Mexico’s capital last Wednesday.
Feb. 28, 2020
Coronavirus Arrives In Mexico
Mexico has confirmed its first two cases of coronavirus. It marks the official spread of the disease to a second Latin American nation, after Brazil. Authorities are stressing that the country is prepared and urging people not to panic.
Feb. 28, 2020
Man Sentenced In 2017 Murder Of Sinaloan Journalist
Mexican authorities have convicted one of the suspects in the 2017 murder of well-known Mexican journalist Javier Valdez. The suspect, identified simply as "Heriberto P" in a release, was sentenced in federal court to nearly 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to his role in the murder.
Feb. 28, 2020
Mexico Prepares For The Expected Arrival Of Coronavirus
Mexico is tending to a small number of possible coronavirus cases, while preparing for an outbreak. And the government is already taking preventive actions.
Feb. 27, 2020
Final Charge Dismissed Against Humanitarian Aid Worker
A federal judge on Thursday dropped the final charge against a humanitarian aid worker targeted by the U.S. government since his arrest more than two years ago.
Feb. 27, 2020
AZ Man Accused In Conspiracy Involving Neo Nazis
Data from the Anti-Defamation League show a roughly 44% increase of anti-Semitic incidents in Arizona over the last two years. Federal authorities say a Queen Creek man was arrested Wednesday on suspicion that he targeted the editor of a Jewish magazine.
Feb. 27, 2020
Border Patrol Pushes Back Against Accusations Of Monument Desecration On Arizona Border
The U.S. Border Patrol unfolded its public demonstration Wednesday of the explosive force used to make way for a large border fence on the border road of the protected monument. Border Patrol officials pushed back against accusations they are desecrating areas of land sacred to the Tohono O’odham Nation in southern Arizona.
Feb. 26, 2020
Part Of Federal Monument On AZ Border Blown Up For Border Fence
The U.S. government demonstrated how it’s blasting a federal monument to prepare for a new border fence along the Mexican border in southern Arizona on Wednesday. Border officials kept journalists a half mile away from the blast site on the slope of Monument Hill near Lukeville.
Feb. 26, 2020
Phoenix OKs Review Board For Police Oversight
Activists backing a more robust plan for public oversight of police celebrated a major win at the Phoenix City Council after the groups helped persuade Mayor Kate Gallego to give up on her own citizen-review proposal.
Feb. 26, 2020
Is Mexico Entering Into A Recession?
The Mexican economy has gone through several significant changes since the current administration led by Andrés Manuel López Obrador took office more than a year ago — and some experts fear a recession. But not everyone agrees.
Feb. 25, 2020
The Top Issue For Arizona First-Time Voter? Health Care
As the 2020 presidential campaign unfolds, Adela Diaz is keeping her eye on one main issue: health care. The public health major at the University of Arizona will soon be a first-time voter. And this year, Latino voters like Diaz are projected to be the biggest minority voting bloc in the country.
Feb. 25, 2020
On 101st Anniversary Of Grand Canyon Park, Tribes Remind Visitors Of Their Ties
Wednesday is the 101st anniversary of Grand Canyon National Park. To commemorate, a group of Native leaders has launched a project to remind visitors long before it was a national park, the Grand Canyon was a place of great significance to several tribes.
Feb. 25, 2020
Fashion Designer Jared Yazzie
The Show highlights the creative builders, makers and designers that are sharing their talents with Arizonans in the Made in Arizona series. Meet fashion designer Jared Yazzie, who draws on his heritage for his designs.
Feb. 25, 2020
With Femicides Rising, Women March Again In Sonora
Some protesters also broke into the state judiciary headquarters, setting a fire and causing other property damage.
Feb. 24, 2020
Is Mexico City Turning Into The New Art Market Mecca?
Many know about Mexico City’s rich artistic heritage and its renowned artists. But thousands of art lovers — many of them from the U.S. — are now being drawn to its growing art scene. For many, Mexico City is turning into Latin America’s contemporary art mecca with its galleries, museums and world-class art fairs.
Mexico City’s Largest Museum Is Underground
Feb. 23, 2020
Consular IDs Come Up During Visit By High-Ranking Mexican Official
The Mexican undersecretary for North America was in Arizona this week to meet with the governor and state lawmakers. A 2011 law blocked state officials and local governments from accepting consular identification cards, which the Mexican government created to identify its nationals regardless of immigration status.
Feb. 21, 2020