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Mexico Asks For Dialogue After Trump
President Donald Trump is pushing Mexico to stop Central American immigrants from arriving to the border by threatening to impose tariffs on Mexican imports. And the Mexican president is calling for dialogue, while sending a committee to Washington.
May. 31, 2019
Audit Weighs Census
Congress’s watchdog said the Census Bureau has a plan, should the Supreme Court order a citizenship question deleted from written and online forms to be used in 2020, but it’s not clear how the plan would be carried out.
May. 31, 2019
Trump’s Tariff Threat Adds to Mexican Produce Duty Woes
The Tweet-delivered threat of tariffs on Mexican imports was especially worrying to the Nogales produce import industry.
May. 31, 2019
Report: Tribes Need Help To Recover From NGS Shutdown
The closures of the Navajo Generating Station and the Kayenta mine later this year will gut tribal government budgets in northern Arizona. That’s according to a report published Thursday.
May. 31, 2019
Navajo Pastor Runs For President Of The U.S.
A Navajo pastor is throwing his hat into the presidential ring along with 26 other candidates. Mark Charles is running as an independent candidate in 2020.
May. 31, 2019
Navajo Council Considers Hemp Pilot Project
The Navajo Nation Council is considering legislation that would authorize the tribe to conduct a hemp pilot project with New Mexico State University.
May. 31, 2019
While Trump Threaten Tariffs, Mexican Senate Starts USMCA Ratification
President Donald Trump threatened on Twitter to impose a 5 percent tariff on Mexican goods if the flux of immigrants towards the border wasn’t stopped. But meanwhile, the Mexican government is about to ratify the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).
May. 30, 2019
Trump Threatens Sanctions, Demands Migration Crackdown
President Donald Trump’s threatened tariffs against Mexican imports quickly drew sharp criticism from some Arizona business leaders.
May. 30, 2019
Proposed Settlement In Motel 6 Lawsuit Draws Pushback From AG
A federal judge has denied the Arizona attorney general’s request to formally object to part of a proposed settlement of a lawsuit against Motel 6 for turning guest information over to immigration authorities, but the state’s top lawyer can re-submit his protest later.
May. 30, 2019
Sonoran Business Women Visit Phoenix To Build Networks, Create Opportunities
Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego met with a group of more than 20 business women from neighboring Sonora, Mexico this week. They were in Phoenix to build networks and strengthen cross-border business ties.
May. 30, 2019
Navajo Receive Federal Loan To Complete Solar Farm
The federal government is loaning the Navajo Nation $94 million to complete a solar farm and help reduce customer’s electricity rates.
May. 30, 2019
Felony Trial Of Humanitarian Aid Worker On Border Begins
Scott Warren doesn’t dispute he gave two undocumented men food and shelter for three days and then showed them the safest way to make their way farther north. His lawyer told the jury the ASU educator and outdoorsman did it so they wouldn’t die.
May. 29, 2019
Feds Seek Bids For More DNA Testing Of Migrants At Border
Federal authorities want companies to bid for a new contract to do more rapid DNA testing of migrants claiming to be families at the U.S.-Mexico border.
May. 29, 2019
Navajo To Open First Cancer Center In Indian Country
The Navajo Nation will house the first cancer center in Indian Country, in Tuba City. Navajos with cancer often must travel more than a hundred miles to visit an oncologist.
May. 29, 2019
Court Upholds Seafood Ban To Protect Endangered Porpoise
A U.S. federal appeals court is upholding a ban on Mexican fish and shrimp caught with gillnets in the uppermost part of Mexico’s Sea of Cortez. The ban was implemented last July by the U.S. Court of International Trade to protect a small, endangered porpoise.
May. 28, 2019
Flagstaff Disabled Service Providers At Risk
Recent city and state laws have drastically cut Flagstaff’s funding for disabled service providers. So city leaders are asking state lawmakers for help.
May. 24, 2019
Mexican Growers Make New Tomato Offer; Florida Growers Unmoved
More than two weeks after the deal governing Mexican tomato imports was terminated, negotiations for a replacement agreement do not seem to be going well.
May. 23, 2019
Loud Mexico City: Exploring The Sounds And Noise
Mexico’s capital is full of sounds that could be as rich and melodious as rowdy and overwhelming. After all, it’s the most populous city in North America — and quite likely the loudest. In a special three-part series, we look at how people there love, hate and contribute to the sounds of their city.
May. 23, 2019
Utilities Across U.S. Help Navajo Get Power
Utility crews from around the country are volunteering their time to install electricity on the Navajo Nation. Many Navajos today live without light, running water and the internet — things most anyone takes for granted.
May. 23, 2019
Arizona Education Department Fixes Navajo Scholarship Confusion
Six families on the Navajo Nation recently received alarming bills from the Arizona Department of Education. But state lawmakers have come together to find a solution.
May. 22, 2019