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Parts Of Sonora Get White Christmas
As in Arizona, some high-elevation parts of Sonora — its neighbor to the south — are also enjoying a white Christmas. Video shows snow falling Christmas Eve in and near the roughly mile-high mining town of Cananea, an hour southwest of Bisbee.
Dec. 25, 2019
Spending Bill Includes $152.4 Million For San Luis Port Of Entry
The federal spending package signed Friday includes millions of dollars for infrastructure improvements at Arizona’s second-busiest port of entry at the U.S.-Mexico border. Modernization of the port has been years in the making.
Dec. 23, 2019
Mexican Environmental Secretary Promises To ‘Transform’ Rio Sonora
Mexico’s Secretary of Environment visited the Sonora River Valley Wednesday to address continued environmental and health concerns five years after a major mining spill. Residents of the area are still clamoring for remediation and protection from future disasters.
Dec. 19, 2019
U.S. House Approves Legislation For Renegotiated NAFTA Deal
The U.S. House of Representatives approved implementing legislation for the renegotiated NAFTA trade deal Thursday.
Dec. 19, 2019
NAU President Pushes For Stronger Ties With Mexico
Northern Arizona University President Rita Cheng was in Mexico this week working to expand opportunities for NAU students in Mexico, as well as open the door for more Mexican students to study in Flagstaff.
Dec. 19, 2019
After Signing Ceremony, Mexican Negotiator Raises USMCA Issues
Another top-ranking Mexican official says the last-minute controversy does not imperil the ultimate ratification of the renegotiated NAFTA deal, known as the United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement.
Dec. 16, 2019
First Time For The Diamondbacks In Mexico City
For the first time, Mexico City will host a regular-season Major League Baseball game. The Arizona Diamondbacks will face the San Diego Padres at the recently inaugurated Alfredo Harp Helú Stadium on April 18 and 19.
Dec. 15, 2019
Sonoran Searching Group Hopes To Return To Rocky Point
After they say an armed group chased them off the site of mass graves outside of Rocky Point, a group of volunteer searchers says they want to return.
Dec. 13, 2019
U.S. Offers Reward For Mexican Drug Cartel Leader
Notorious Mexican drug kingpin Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán might be behind bars, but the cartels are still operating. And the U.S. government is now offering a reward to capture the leader of a criminal organization based in Mexico.
Dec. 13, 2019
Cross-Border Youth Tennis Program Celebrates Success With Rally In Nogales
A cross-border youth tennis program is hosting a winter celebration in Nogales on Saturday. It will include a free clinic for kids and an exhibition game with the University of Arizona men’s team.
Dec. 13, 2019
AMLO Meets With ABC Daycare Victims In Hermosillo
Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador met Thursday with survivors and the relatives of victims of a tragic 2009 daycare fire in Hermosillo. Another meeting is planned for mid-March, and victims and family members are hoping for more concrete action by then.
Dec. 12, 2019
Concerns Over New Grupo Mexico Tailings Dam In Sonora
A huge, new tailings dam is being built at a mine in Sonora, Mexico, that was responsible for a toxic waste spill in 2014 considered the worst environmental disaster in Mexican mining history. A report out this week says the new dam poses even greater risks to communities downstream.
Dec. 12, 2019
Mujeres En El Diamante: U.S. Coach Brings Baseball To Girls In Mexico
Justine Siegal is the first woman to coach professional men’s baseball, including a stint with the Oakland Athletics instructional league in Arizona in 2015. Now she runs a nonprofit pushing for more opportunities for girls to play the sport she loves. And she brought her message of inclusion to girls in Hermosillo, Sonora during a baseball clinic called Mujeres En El Diamante, or Women in the Diamond.
Dec. 11, 2019
Poachers Swarm Vaquita Refuge ‘Like Never Before’
Activists working to protect the vaquita marina in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez say poachers are overwhelming a refuge area for nearly extinct porpoise.
Dec. 10, 2019
Mexican President Thanks Trump For Not Designating Cartels As Terrorists
President Trump stated on Twitter that he will hold off on his push to designate Mexican drug cartels as terrorist groups. The announcement has been well received by the Mexican government.
Dec. 9, 2019
First Shipment Of AZ Cattle Arrives In Hermosillo For Slaughter
Arizona ranchers plan to export hundreds of cattle monthly. Nearly 70 head of cattle were sent in the inaugural trip, roughly two years after Arizona and Sonora started working together to ease their export for slaughter.
Dec. 9, 2019
Incomplete Cross-Border Tunnel Discovered In Nogales
U.S. and Mexican authorities found an incomplete tunnel running underneath the streets of Nogales this week. Tunnels are a common problem in the area.
Dec. 6, 2019
Report: Hundreds Of Asylum Seekers Face Violence After Return To Mexico
The advocacy group Human Rights First documented over 600 cases, but says there are likely many more incidents of violence faced by returned asylum seekers.
Dec. 6, 2019
Mexican Government Takes Over La Mora Massacre Investigation
Sonora had previously been handling the murder investigation, while the federal government handled other suspected crimes associated with the brutal ambushes.
Dec. 4, 2019
Mexico Prepares To Receive Millions Of Expats For The Holidays
This holiday season, Mexico expects the return of more than 3 million Mexicans living abroad — the vast majority coming from the U.S. And the government is launching a program to help them as they journey home.
Dec. 4, 2019