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In an odd attempt to keep citizens protected from the coronavirus pandemic, the Mexican government launched an unique campaign on social media. And not the health authorities — not even the president — are leading it, but a superhero.
Mexican Beer Companies Get Hit By Pandemic Measures
Mexican beers make up almost 70% of the imported beers sold in the U.S. Beer is one of the top exports and sources of income for Mexico. But the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting Mexican breweries, which is also hitting consumers.
Apr. 2, 2020
Mexico Declares State Of Emergency As Pandemic Escalates
In Mexico, the COVID-19 pandemic curve is growing exponentially, with over a thousand cases. As a result, the government is declaring a state of emergency.
Mar. 31, 2020
Mexican President Greets El Chapos Mother Ignoring Pandemic Rules
Mexico’s president has been criticized after constantly ignoring instructions from his own government to face the coronavirus pandemic. And on Sunday, he broke the isolation and social distancing rules again — this time with the mother of a notorious drug lord.
Mar. 30, 2020
Mexican Census Continues Despite Coronavirus Concerns
Like the United States, Mexico is conducting its 2020 census. But the country’s strategy against the COVID-19 pandemic is smacking up against the deadline, which officially ends this Friday, March 27.
Mar. 27, 2020
Lessons Learned From Mexico City’s Ban On Single-Use Plastic Bags
Starting this year, Mexico City implemented a change in their waste management law, and now single-use plastic bags are banned. How this environmentalist move is affecting one of the largest cities in the world — and what can we learn from it?
Mar. 25, 2020
Mexican President Announces New Pandemic Measures
Mexico’s president has been criticized for his loose strategies against the coronavirus outbreak and for not following social distancing. But the Mexican leader is announcing part of his economic plans to face the pandemic — and some changes in his social conduct.
Mar. 25, 2020
Mexico Enters Phase 2 Of Strategy Against Coronavirus
After the Mexican government and the World Health Organization acknowledged local coronavirus transmission in Mexico, the country is moving to phase two of its strategy against the COVID-19 pandemic.
Mar. 24, 2020
Coronavirus And Oil Crisis Hit Gas Prices — But AMLO Calls It His Victory
The coronavirus pandemic and a steep drop in oil prices have been affecting economies worldwide. Mexico is no exception, but its president keeps telling citizens to live life as usual.
Mar. 23, 2020
First Coronavirus-Related Death In Mexico Raises More Concerns
Just like in the United States, many in Mexico are concerned with their government’s strategy to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. On Wednesday, Mexico’s health authorities confirmed the country’s first coronavirus-related death. And the fatality is raising more concerns about the Mexican government’s preparation — and the transparency of its efforts.
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Mar. 19, 2020
Mexico City Prepares For Quarantine Despite Mayors Instructions
Mexico City has about 9 million inhabitants and, so far, only 21 registered cases of people with COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. The mayor says it’s still time to stay calm, but many are already preparing to deal with the pandemic’s outbreak.
Mar. 18, 2020
Mexico Promotes ‘Healthy Distance’ While President Continues Hugging And Kissing People At Rallies
Compared to the United States, Mexico has far fewer cases of people with COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. And while many Mexicans are concerned with an eventual larger outbreak, the government has used a light hand in dealing with the pandemic.
Mar. 16, 2020
Mexican Parents Of Children With Cancer Look For International Help
Dozens of families in Mexico have organized to fight for their children’s lives. The kids are battling cancer, but their treatments have been cut off as a result of the Mexican president’s austerity and anti-corruption plans.
Mar. 6, 2020
In Mexico, LeBarón Family Extends Its Fight For Justice
In November, nine women and children from the LeBarón family were murdered in a brutal attack by gunmen on a road in Sonora, Mexico. Family members visited Mexico City Thursday seeking justice for other kinds of victims.
Mar. 5, 2020
Feminists Decry Mexico President Airplane Raffle
For more than a year, the Mexican president has been using commercial flights while trying to sell the presidential plane as part of his austerity plan. But since a deal hasn’t been struck, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador decided to raffle the plane.
Mar. 4, 2020
D-Backs Visit Mexico City, Meet With Mexican President
In April, the Arizona Diamondbacks will play two games against the San Diego Padres in Mexico City. They will be the city’s first regular-season Major League Baseball games. A D-Backs committee visited Mexico’s capital last Wednesday.
Feb. 28, 2020
Coronavirus Arrives In Mexico
Mexico has confirmed its first two cases of coronavirus. It marks the official spread of the disease to a second Latin American nation, after Brazil. Authorities are stressing that the country is prepared and urging people not to panic.
Feb. 28, 2020
Mexico Prepares For The Expected Arrival Of Coronavirus
Mexico is tending to a small number of possible coronavirus cases, while preparing for an outbreak. And the government is already taking preventive actions.
Feb. 27, 2020
Is Mexico Entering Into A Recession?
The Mexican economy has gone through several significant changes since the current administration led by Andrés Manuel López Obrador took office more than a year ago — and some experts fear a recession. But not everyone agrees.
Feb. 25, 2020
Is Mexico City Turning Into The New Art Market Mecca?
Many know about Mexico City’s rich artistic heritage and its renowned artists. But thousands of art lovers — many of them from the U.S. — are now being drawn to its growing art scene. For many, Mexico City is turning into Latin America’s contemporary art mecca with its galleries, museums and world-class art fairs.
Mexico City’s Largest Museum Is Underground
Feb. 23, 2020
Women Prepare Nationwide Strike In Mexico
After the increase of hate crimes against females and the recent gruesome murders of a woman and a 7-year-old girl, many women in Mexico are preparing an unusual protest — and it’s already becoming controversial.
Feb. 21, 2020